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Author Topic: Can I have shin splints after Lateral Release  (Read 1114 times)

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Can I have shin splints after Lateral Release
« on: February 15, 2013, 09:43:16 AM »
Hi All,

Just wondering if any of you had experienced shin splints after an arthroscopy and  bi-lateral lateral releases? I saw my consultant who said that I could walk without my crutches if I am not in knee pain  :D, I have been doing this for the last week (still using crutches for long distances and when outside) I have noticed yesterday that my shins started to really hurt after walking for about 10 mins with crutches, then today my shins are in constant pain and it hurts to put my feet down with every step I take  :'(. I suppose what I am asking is 1. does this sound like shin splints and 2. has anyone else experienced this problem and is there anything I can do or should I be concerned?

Thanks :)

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Re: Can I have shin splints after Lateral Release
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2013, 02:35:47 PM »
I had shin splints for years before my accident but what felt like shin splints after my accident were called tendonitis by my doctor so yes, I think it could be that. But you'd be better off calling the office and describing your pain because it is something out of the ordinary in a very specific spot. I did a search on shin splints and it said they aren't really sure what they are except inflammation and tendon pain.  :) It sure does hurt though, I know.
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Thx Dr. T

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Re: Can I have shin splints after Lateral Release
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2013, 05:20:05 PM »
shin splints are often caused by an imbalance between the shin and calf muscles. When you find you have to walk different because of injury, it is common to have shin pain. Keep your walk as normal as possible, and if you are able, strengthen your calves by doing calf raises. When you have an injury or surgery it takes very little time to lose muscle mass, and then things are out of balance when you start to return to normal activity. They can be incredibly painful, so much so that people often think they have broken something only to find it is a shin splint. The key to healing them is rest. Other things you might look at are different/better shoes with the proper support for your type of feet (you can go to any running store and they will evaluate you for this) and myofascial release. This is quite helpful, but can be somewhat painful to get started on if you have a lot of tight muscles and tendons. Because of your surgery you will want to ask if it is ok for you to do this, as it might put pressure on your knee in areas you are not supposed to yet.
When I first injured my knee and was off it for several days, and then start walking again, I too had bad shin pain. In my case, it was from being unable to walk correctly due to the swelling and pain in my knee. Because I was shifting my weight to other areas of my legs, it caused pain in those areas. If that is the case, your body will adapt after a few days, but make sure you keep your muscles in balance so other issues do not occur.