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Author Topic: HELP!!!! S/P patellar FX - I need perspective!  (Read 732 times)

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HELP!!!! S/P patellar FX - I need perspective!
« on: February 14, 2013, 02:17:27 AM »
Hello.  I'm new to writing on this board, but have been following along for the last 5 mos.  I'm a healthy, fit 52 year old that was doing Crossfit the morning prior to my fall - I'm used to pushing past the pain.  On Sept 7, 2012 I slipped and fell on a wet floor (at work) and broke my R patella in 2 pieces.  The appearance of my R knee was horrifying - I could see the 2 pieces each being pulled away by the quad/tendon and then scooped out in the middle.  Anyways, I had my ORIF with screws and wire wrapped in a figure 8 on 17 Sept.  After the first week post op I really didn't need any pain meds, just tylenol once in a while.  Anyways, recovery has been pretty uneventful, started PT approx 4 weeks post op.  I had my knee in a brace/full extension and was kind of dragging my leg and initiating the movement from my hip/groin with sitting, standing, rolling to my side in bed.  Anyways, as my recovery has progressed I have had gradually increasing hip, groin, R sided lower back pain and SI pain.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance and this pain can be horrible.  I can feel my SI joint pop/move, my R hip/leg just wants to rotate out.  Going from sit to stand and vice versa can be very painful - it takes my breath away.  The pain is so hard to localize but the whole joint (hip) feels...unstable.  The hip giving me troubles is the same side as my patellar fracture.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Next question...I'm 5 mos out from surgery.  I was off work completely until 2January.  I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, so it is a pretty physical job, walking, sitting, standing, pinning small children down to look in their ears.  My doc gave me 'sedentary duty' but it has been a daily struggle with my scheduling people to keep me in these restrictions.  What has been other's experiences when going back to work with a NON sedentary job.  I know full recovery is 12-36 mos but what are others doing as far as going back to work?
Thanks, I know patience is a virtue.  I have done so well and been very positive.  Only now, at 5 mos out, I find myself wanting to be 'fine' but I also don't want to push it.

Please help me get some perspective!!!!  thanks.

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