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Author Topic: MUA experiences NOT associated with TKR  (Read 1523 times)

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MUA experiences NOT associated with TKR
« on: March 05, 2018, 10:05:29 PM »
Hey all,

I am going to be having a MUA post-MPFL reconstruction, TTT and patellar osteochondral allograft. All of the research I have found on MUA is concerned with TKR. While I recognize that there is an innate similarity (scar tissue formation) across all knee surgeries, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with MUA in surgeries other than TKR.

(I'm 23, 13 weeks post-op and I've been stuck at a limited flexion of 95-105 degrees for the last 4 weeks despite intensive PT).

Just looking for people's experiences, results, etc.


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Re: MUA experiences NOT associated with TKR
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2018, 03:50:02 PM »
I had a MUA back in March 2016 following my ACI surgery (autologous condrocyte implantation). After 11-12 weeks, I was stuck at 85-90 degrees because 1) I scar horribly with every procedure, 2) I was immobilized in a straight-leg brace for 8-9 weeks, 3) The CPM machine didn't go any higher than 115-120 degrees. My PT said they are usually calibrated low, so subtract 10 degrees from what you would be measured in the PT clinic. Tahat just wasn't pushing my knee far enough. :(

I also had a "Lysis of Adhesions" surgery a week before the MUA. The lysis of adhesions surgery cut out what  was impediing  movement inside the knee, and I made it to 110-115 over the next 3 days. Those numbers dropped  severely over the weekend. Thus, a week later,  we did the MUA to pop/break the 3-4 adhesions between the muscle fibers in my quad. It worked. Within days I was up to 122 (with the help of steroids and Torodol for severe inflammation). My quad completely freaked after the MUA though because it had undergone 4 types of surgery/procedures in 6 months. I'm basically a freak of nature when it comes to creating loads of scar tissue.  That set us back  on strength training, but I could and did do tons of wall slides and belt pulls at PT, holding the bend 3-5 minutes at a time, just to keep the new ROM.

All in all,the MUA was the easiest of the 4 procedures that time around. I had a nerve block for all 4, which also  helped immensely. It did take me another 9 weeks to get full ROM at 136 degrees (as far as mine would go, according to the Dr). Over the next year, my therapist manually broke down a lot of scar tissue around the knee, and I eventually got to 138 degrees.

I was forewarned that when we eventually replace this knee in 5-7 years, I'll likely need a MUA, just because of the amount of scar tissue I make in a very short time, even with doing all of the PT perfectly---and I do mean perfectly.  My surgeon has done my last 6 procedures and still thinks I'm a freak of nature. ;D I went to PT on off for 2 more years because of nerve impingement from the scar tissue wrapping itself around the femoral head.

Lastly, my surgeon, his PA, and my PT guy wasn't sure I'd ever walk right again without a replacement (and I was only 43). All of us never gave up though. I wish you the best. I also hadn't heard of a MUA for anything other than a TKR, nor had I heard you could get adhesions in your quads from immobilization. It has helped my whole medical team know how to proceed this time around with the left knee. I had 3 meniscus tears and numerous Grade 3-4 cartilage defects filled with Biocartilage. It's a shorter period of immobiliation, but they've warned me I might still need a MUA based on my scarring history. Time will tell--surgery was only yesterday.

I wish you the best of luck.
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