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Author Topic: MCL fixed, lateral release, but very slow recovery ?  (Read 5837 times)

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MCL fixed, lateral release, but very slow recovery ?
« on: January 22, 2013, 09:47:21 PM »
Hey all,

I dislocated my left kneecap badly in May 2012, and had surgery on June 11th 2012. The MCL was completely torn & repaired during the surgery, the plica was removed, a piece of flake-fractured cartilage was removed and a longitudinal tear in the meniscus was somehow dealt with. Also, during the surgery a lateral release was performed. By the time the surgery was performed, I did not have active pain in the joint, just swelling and an occasional feeling of "locking" of the joint.

Now, prior to the surgery the surgeon had stated that recovery would take 6 weeks of wearing a brace and 6 weeks of intensive PT; I gullibly believed this (yes, I know now that it was an insane statement).

So, in short: My recovery is not going all that great -- it's been 6 months since the surgery, and I am still quite a way away from being able to jog, and walking down stairs is still painful after the first 2-3 steps. After a not-so-great start with the first PT (who seemed relatively inactive) I switched PTs and decided to spend a few weeks in Antwerpen (at movetocure, a PT practice) to help work on the recovery. This was at the beginning of December, and I spent 2 weeks there, and am now back for another 2 weeks.

I guess my big question is: How much should I worry about my progress at this point ? While most people are jogging again 6 months post-surgery, how common is it that things take longer ?

I *am* seeing some progress after all, I am just worried at how long it takes, and that I am still not running ...