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Author Topic: Sudden bruising 3 months post op ACI/Fulkerson/LR  (Read 1855 times)

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Sudden bruising 3 months post op ACI/Fulkerson/LR
« on: January 16, 2013, 04:30:50 PM »

I am really anxious about this, so I wonder if anyone can provide me any comforting/reassurance, or at least some insight? I am 3 months post op ACI/Fulkerson/LR, and lost the crutches about 3 weeks ago.
My knee is progressing nicely, I believe, but then yesterday I had to do a bit more walking than usual, in connection with air travel (though not much, asked for assistance at the airports!). I also sat in an airplane seat for about 5 hours in total - and then today I noticed I had bruises on the back of my knee (streaks of blue/purple, like subcutaneous blood extravasation)!!!   It does feel a bit more sore, especially on the back side, but within the limits of what I have tried before.
What is the cause? Have I damaged anything? I don't see how I could have, I haven't done anything else unusual. I think I see a little also on the healthy knee - so maybe it's unrelated to surgery?
1999: Chondral lesion on medial patellar facet. Synovium changes, grade II degeneration of neighbouring cartilage. Debridement (shaving) and lavage.
2009: 2nd arthroscopy,  debridement (shaving) and lavage.
2010: steroid injections
2012: MACI (2 patella, 1 trochlea)+Fulkerson+Lateral release