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Author Topic: Soccerplayer, twenty years of ages male. ACL-injury. Rehabtime question.  (Read 791 times)

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Hey Kneegeeks!

This summer i torn of my leftknee ACL and I had reconstructiv surgery in early november, around my twentieth birthday (waiting time in sweden is pretty bad...). The injury occured when running at the pitch and i took a bad step, I'm a right footer so the injury is to my supporting leg, no meniscus damage.

I'm having Physical therapy twice a week, and that works really well, it feels like its aimed torwards the right goal and gives the impression to be professional. Almost to much so, since they are unwilling to estimate any "rehab time". Can anyone of you share your story, that are in the roughly the same age as me. Trying to get back to sports?

Now, almost two months after operation i feel completely fine. I've been able to slowly run for quite some time and I 'm able to chase down a buss at about 65% of topspeed, though i dont dare to run as usual (more of a tripping, on the toes with the calf-kind of running).

In my operation they took a part of the hamstring to reconstruct my knee. I'm 6.1 (184cm) and weigh about 80kg (173lbs) now, since i dont really work out that much anymore, except rehab.

I've did the comparison with Luca Leiva in Liverpool whom is about my size, a bit older and A FULTIME professional footballer. His recovery took 7 months until 100% training. Will that set me in the area of 9-11?

Grateful for any answers!

/Gustav :D

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Re: Soccerplayer, twenty years of ages male. ACL-injury. Rehabtime question.
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2013, 01:19:25 PM »
Hi Gustav,

I did my ACL in 2003, had a reconstruction in August 2004 with a return to 5-a-side in April 2005 and then progressed back to 11-a-side from there. 

All I can say is follow the rehab protocols and don't rush it!  When its time you'll hopefully be able to carry on near to your best

All the best


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Re: Soccerplayer, twenty years of ages male. ACL-injury. Rehabtime question.
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2013, 09:25:24 PM »
Hi Gustav,
It's early days yet for you.... Keep the rehab going even if you are feeling great with your knee especially later on.
Also make sure that you start doing sports specific rehab later on for football,i.e.  agility, proprioception, etc as these will really help not only with the timing of your return to sports but later on too.
Timing to most sports is minimum 6 months, sports that involve any pivoting can be 9 months or more. Better to be safe than sorry and start a month or two later once you feel ready and you are not worried about your knee.
Jan 2008- Right acl repair using controlateral hamstring. Cartlilage with microfracture.
Jan 2009 - Left acl partial tear.
29 th Nov. 2012- Left acl repair using controlateral hamstring. Meniscectomy of left posterior horn.