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Author Topic: Complications Post-Meniscectomy Op, Advice Needed!  (Read 1080 times)

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Complications Post-Meniscectomy Op, Advice Needed!
« on: January 09, 2013, 02:33:29 AM »
Hey guys I'm new to the site and the reason for my visit is because I'm completely dejected with how my knee recovery from surgery is going, here's what's happened:

I suffered a knee injury playing football (soccer) on 1st Oct 2012 and since then the hospital I went to took an age to come to a conclusion as to the nature of the injury. Eventually they decided I'd completely torn my ACL but that the miniscii were probably okay. This based mostly off the results of my MRI. However, upon visiting an OS to have the surgery conducted he found my ACL to be intact... damaged slightly but intact and not needing an ACL restructuring op. He did however find lateral miniscus damage and i had a good portion of that shaved away as well as some plicae (I think) removed from around my medial miniscus. That operation was performed on 14th Dec 2012. I was told that as a result of the surgery I should be able to straighten my knee again (the OS checked as I was on the operating table and there was then no obstruction apparently). I was also advised I would be able to return to soccer before May 2013 but I'd need to be careful in the recovery as the ACL was a bit weak etc.

Nearly a month later and things were going okay until about 3 days ago. For the first two weeks the swelling was such that i could only really hobble about post op but about 10 days ago the swelling reduced nicely and for about the next week there was a day on day improvement in range of movement. However 3 days ago my knee starts locking and freezing, typically when I'm sitting still with my knee bent, when I then try to get up and straighten the knee there's a lot of pain in trying to get the knee past the catch point. This has only started happening as the knee got to its best point as far as ROM is concerned and I was wondering if this is normal or if others have experienced this? Its just that I've started going back to the gym and doing upper body weights in an attempt to get fitter and it seems to have coinscided with the cracking/popping/locking.

I'm thinking at the minute that playing soccer again is a dream away but I'll keep going, it just gets to me when I feel like I'm having these setbacks.

Thanks for listening and any help would be appreciated =) Oh, and I'm due to see my OS for a follow up next week.


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Re: Complications Post-Meniscectomy Op, Advice Needed!
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2013, 10:53:03 PM »
I did have a similar problem -- it was after my left ACL reconstruction.  I also had my medial and lateral meniscus repaired at the same time.  Did you have any meniscus stitched up?

Anyway, you can see from my signature that I continued to have issues with that knee -- but there was lots of other stuff going on.  I can break it down if you're interested :)
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Re: Complications Post-Meniscectomy Op, Advice Needed!
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2013, 12:17:37 AM »
I too had similar problem after a RK synovectomy and chondroplasty, but not exactly the same.  The knee would kind of lock up, and I would jiggle my knee in a specific way and then I would be able to move it again.  It still happens even a year after surgery, but it is not painful.  I would suspect that this will get better for you over time.  I was told that even for my surgery, which was simple and only 20 minutes long a full recovery would take 18 months, and that is turning out to be true. 

I wonder if it is painful for you because some adhesions or tight tissues in your knee.  Has your PT been coaching you on massage and/or gentle manipulation of your soft tissues to try to keep adhesions and tightness from forming in and around your knee?
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Re: Complications Post-Meniscectomy Op, Advice Needed!
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2013, 07:34:08 AM »

If you think about it, you have actually had quite a lot of work done in there and it was only 4 weeks ago. I think what you are describing is actually quite normal. You had a relatively quick initial recovery at first so you upped the work. We all do it. The knee however was not so happy and told you so by swelling up and locking. As a result of the trauma it has had the body produces scar tissue (like an internal scab to put it bluntly) to help heal the wounds inside your body. As the scar tissue ages, like any scab on an external wound, it is no longer required. Whilst a scab simply drops off from an external cut, the internal version has no place to go, so it tends to move around a wee bit and can get jammed in the joint. The creaking and cracking we hear and feel sometimes is that scar tissue breaking up so it can be reabsorbed into the body.

As you are getting pain as well you need to talk to your surgeon just to reassure yourself that it is not something else. Sadly it does sometimes happen that the meniscii are damaged again in this process and a new tear or a re-tear occurs. I've had this happen to me;  a slip 3 weeks after a meniscus trim resulted in me having another operation to tidy up the new tear. As the slip was in the hospital as a result of someone leaving a floor wet and not leaving any warnings, I was operated on immediately and the problem resolved.

Try to be more patient and do not give up just yet! Your return to the soccer pitch may just be a little longer than the professionals because you are unable to get rehab treatment 24/7 like the pampered superstars of the like of Chelski and ManU!!  ;)

Sue  :)
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