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Author Topic: My right leg . . . to Date  (Read 521 times)

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My right leg . . . to Date
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:08:44 PM »
Hi Folks,

First post here . . . Five and a half weeks ago I had an Allograft to the medial femoral condyle, right knee.  I've been reading the archives a lot in that time and would issue a blanket THANK YOU to all posters! 

My journey with this right leg/knee started when I was a kid.  I was athletic from an early age, played a bunch of different sports.  Well, I broke my leg playing Soccer two years in a row (April 28th both years, against the same team, with the same ref, same spot on the field, and same play . . . It was wierd!).  Broken Tibia.  The first time around I was in a long-leg cast for many months, then a shorter walking cast for a period of time.  I remember feeling the same pain trying to lift my right leg all the way back then that eventually led to my current surgery (IMO).  The atrophy to the leg was severe but I came back pretty quickly to play basketball and soccer.  I limped through a basketball season and broke the same tibia again playing soccer in the Spring.

This time, I had a surgery to install a titanium rod and a few screws down the tibia.  Not as much atrophy this time around as I was always able to bend the knee.  I forget how long the rod was in but then I had a second surgery to remove it.  That would have been about 1993 when I was 16 or 17 years old.  I'm now 36.

So since I was first out of that long-leg cast way back when, I've had this pain.  For many years, it wasn't terrible, didn't really keep me from doing anything so I lived with it.  It was getting progressively worse.  Fast forward to about 10 years ago.  I was still able to work (I'm a house painter), maybe hike a little but playing basketball, skiing, anything really athletic was out as the pain, while the knee was in a loaded position, was so severe it would essentially give out. 

I lived like that for about five years when I realized that, now, I was having trouble even working.  So I started going to docs.  They prescribed different levels of PT two or three times, all to no avail. 

I had an MRI which revealed a small cartilage defect and my doc wanted to do a microfracture.  I agreed.  This was about one year ago.  When he got in there with the scope, however, he discovered that the defect was much larger than the MRI showed and a microfracture was not recommended.  He did a little cleanup while he was in there which offered no relief.  (I'm very thankful he didn't do the microfracture which would have stood little chance of success, he said). 

He recommended the Allograft.  So, like I said, I had the surgery five and a half weeks ago.  Two plugs, one screw to hold one of them in place.  I think they were both about 20MM if that makes sense.  After laying around for a few weeks icing, taking pain meds, etc., I've hit the PT pretty hard, all NWB.  I was positive at first that the surgery was a failure as I felt the same pain I've felt for twenty years when trying to bend the knee.  Now, after experiencing the pain come and go a little bit, at least I have some hope . . . I also have some pain in the area of at least one of the grafts so I'm hoping that's nothing but I'm not sure.

I have a six-week followup on Thursday and I'm hoping to progress to 25% weight then but we'll see. 

My only specific questions are these:  Has anyone here had this surgery, experienced the same pain they've always had afterwards (for any period of time), and then progressed to little or no pain?  And, does it make any sense that the knee pain I've had for many years has anything to do with the original injuries/treatments to my leg as I would contend? Thanks!

Otherwise, I just felt like putting my story out there.  It's been a long road but I have perspective; there are many way worse off than me and that isn't lost on me.  That said, I can't help but dream about the possibility of living a life with no Knee pain!!!