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Author Topic: 16 Weeks after ACL Reconstruction Using Hamstring Graft, some lateral pain etc  (Read 785 times)

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Ruptured my ACL playing football back in May and had the operation in September with a hamstring graft.  All has been going pretty well.  Full extension, 135-140 flexion.  I can go up and down stairs fine though going down still feels odd and if they are steep ill hold the balustrade.  Leg is still week but can can do a 45 degree single leg press but not much further else it gets sore.

Thing is, i have some pain on the outside of my knee, around the edges of the patella.  Also some clicking, grinding at certain parts when i extend the knee. 

Ive had physio check the graft is fine and she says it is.

Two questions which i dont seem to get a proper answer for though.  My quads and IT band appear to be very tight.  Im quite a bit off being able to pull my heel to my backside and it band feels tight and sometimes a bit sore. 

Is it safe for me to pull heel back a bit to properly stretch the quads and are there any good IT stretches i can safely do without stressing the graft.  Hoping the grinding noises are just my patella not tracking properly due to the tightness. 

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.


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Hi mate

I asked a question about grinding/clicking yesterday actually and it seemed to be caused by scar tissue breaking up and rubbing, obviously we can't see your knee but unless it is acute pain you're experiencing then I suppose its possible it might be the same for you.
With regards to stretching your quad, I haven't been able to stretch mine properly since my injury either but I got one of the foam rollers for massaging it and it does a decent job without stressing the knee.

Sounds as if you are recovering well though :D

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