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Author Topic: Been a while - Hey (Waves)  (Read 934 times)

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Been a while - Hey (Waves)
« on: December 30, 2012, 08:59:26 AM »
Hi Guys,

A lot of names on here I still recognise from a long time back- i just wanted to write you guys an update and ask advice if thats ok?? right so i started in 2005 with a dancemat injury (Damn Britney Spears!! and embarassing to explain!) and after a long ole wait found I had torn cartilage and a cyst in joint.  I had 2 arthroscopies and an open surgery before the OS told me he couldn't help me further and was referring me to pain management.  After telling him what I thought in no uncertain terms I then got referred to top dog in Hampshire who did one arthroscopy and for 5 years all good yay well not good but bearable :)

Earlier this year in April ouch I was being childish on kids playground and something crunched (yes yes I should know better) and I was in a lot of pain driving, walking, stairs etc couldnt do anything.  Referred to new OS (I have moved to different part of UK) and within 4 months I had physio and yet another arthropscopy.  I was informed after that my knee is mashed -  I have 50 percent cartilage in my knee with hardly any lateral side so near enough bone on bone currently at level IV joint degradation.  My advice was avoid everything high impact, get an automatic car and lose weight (gee thanks!) and I may prolong the TKR/PKR by up to 5 years  I am now discharged.

So here I am with my auto car, gym membership and a little lighter than I was - easy to pile on the weight when you're laid up- and functioning quite well (as long as i don't do much).  I do however had a newish issue...I have what can only be described as a pinching pain deep in the joint lateral side which nearly shoots me through the roof if i get in and out of a car or sit and stand up with knee bent.  Question is do i put up n shut up or go back n let them muck about even more with my already ancient ole knee - im 34 by the way :)


L/K lateral Meniscectomy 19/08/05
L/K lateral Meniscectomy 07/10/05
L/K Open lateral cyst excision 11/11/05
L/K lateral Meniscectomy  in 2007
L/K lateral Meniscectomy 03/08/12
L/K lateral Meniscectomy/Chondroplasty 25/04/16

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Re: Been a while - Hey (Waves)
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2012, 02:38:29 PM »
Hi Caggie
The OS in Hampshire you mentioned - was it Adrian Wilson?