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Author Topic: Pain just below the knee  (Read 1808 times)

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Pain just below the knee
« on: December 30, 2012, 12:44:41 AM »
Hey guys.

I am 2 years 9 months post ACL replacement using the hamstring graft. I'm probably the fittest I have been in my life right now, running 5km, rowing 5km and cycling 5km daily, but I have been having some problems since Wednesday.

I played in a boxing day football (soccer) tournament 5-a-side for around 3 hours, everything felt great no problems at all. The same night after too many drinks I ended up walking around 6 miles home at 3 in the morning instead of getting a taxi. The next day I woke up with a terrible hangover which I would have been tempted to have taken death over...

The strange thing is it was the day after the day after (if that makes sense). I have pain in the medial side at the top of my right tibia (on the same knee as I had the op on). Its sort of on a pokey out bone bit just under the knee. It is very painful to touch and hurts sometimes when walking around or moving it after sleeping. Also the knee itself feels kind of strange (like a weakness). I haven't done any running all week to make sure that it has time to rest.

Any ideas on what this could be and if it could be related to the ACL (I'm praying its not). Or do you think it is just a bit of an overuse injury that I just need to wait out?

After doing some of my own research something that comes close is pes anserinus bursitis. But to me it feels as if its the bone itself that is hurting?

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