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Author Topic: Pain behind kneecap post partial meniscetomy - want to get back to sport!  (Read 590 times)

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I had partial meniscectomy to my left knee - my MRI showed a complex tear of the lateral meniscus to both radial and horizontal components, a parameniscal ganglion, oedema peripheral to body of lateral meniscus and a tiny Baker's cyst.  The posterior horn of medial meniscus shows increased fluid signal and thickening suggesting sprain and mucoid degeneration but no evidence of tear of the medial meniscus

I am now 3 and a half months post surgery - although I did not have PT (as I was travelling), I had the exercises from the physio.  Since returning from my travels, I've been working hard in the gym.  I'm a very keen hockey (field) player and want to get back to playing - my friends who are physios all say I should be playing sport without problems by now.  In the gym, I have done a lot of cycling without any problems and managed a couple of 20 minute runs on the treadmill (jogging).  I've also managed to run at 3/4 pace for a couple of minutes although I feel discomfort directly behind the knee cap - it's a sharp shooting pain, which varies from ache to pain.  I can feel pain every time I try running faster but am told this is normal.

I've worked really hard on strengthening the other muscles in my leg as they have been inactive for a while.  However, I'm feeling pain in my knee when I walk downhill and earlier on this week I went to the driving range - since then, I keep feeling the sharp pain behind the knee cap and feel it more so on the treadmill.  I never had this pain before the operation and wondered if this was normal?

I'm wondering when's realistic to return to hockey - I've been told I need to be able to sprint without problems and then work on side stepping exercises.  I appreciate that everyone's recovery times are different but I wondered if others had felt this pain and when this pain might subside?  I'm looking to go to a physio in the next week.

Appreciate any help / hearing others experiences.