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Author Topic: Please help with MRI results  (Read 5903 times)

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Please help with MRI results
« on: January 18, 2013, 04:48:50 AM »
Going to see the doc late next week but want to see if anyone can help read any or all of this to help me understand it. Maybe with enough people most or all of the results can be figured out.

Here are the impressions of the MRI

1. full thickness focal cartliage loss involving the central articular surface of the medial femoral condyle. There is also a focal full thickness fissuring of the atricular cartliage of the posterior-superior aspect of the lateral femoral condyle. These finding are associated with 2 adjacent low signal intensity intraarticular bodies along the posterior aspect of the distal femoral metaphysis. These are probably unchanged from the previous exam.

2. Moderate size joint effusion is increased from previous exam

3. Mild proximal patellar tendinosis

4. Stable chronic edema surronding the femoral attatchment of the medial gastrocnemius tendon suggesting chronic tendinoses

5. no evidnce of focal boney contusion.

6. thinning of the articular cartliage within the medial femorotibial compartment with a full thickness cartlidge loss of the central articular surface of the medial femoral condyle which measures approximatly 0.6cm in greatest dimensions.

7. moderate medial compartment  joint space narrowing.