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Author Topic: Help!! Need replies!!! Has anyone had ACI or significant knee surgery with Dr. Jack Farr?  (Read 509 times)

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Hi, as you can read my history below i have had six knee surgeries. I had an aci and amz july of 2015. my walking improved quite a bit pain wise!!! but im still unable to do any loading exercises without considerable pain. lunges aren't bad, but single leg stances and step downs were really painful. i like my doc that did my aci/amz, but i thought why not see someone who specializes in cartilage just to see if maybe their was something more that could be done, since dr. farrs office is very advanced. so anyways i saw him today and was kind of leery of some things he said. he said my kneecap was sitting too low in the groovewhich may be he case, but said i didnt need my previous mpfl surgry or tttt. i totally disagree, because my kneecap could be pushed all the way out laterally because my mpfl was stretched out and do think i need a ttt. anyways he wants to redo everything, including the amz. but that really scares me. i just dont know who to believe anymore. but he gets such a great rep with reviews!! but some things i cant agree with. but maybe my amz is wrong. please i need reviews or aanyone that has had a personal experience with him
10/10: Lt Knee Cortisone shot
12/10: Arthroscopy/Plica Removal
08/12: Tibial Tubercle Transfer & Lateral Release
12/13: MPFL Reconstruction
09/14: ACI Biopsy & Meniscus Repair
07/15: 2nd Tibial Tubercle Transfer (AMZ) & Autologous Cartilage Implantation
03/16: Hardware removal/ scar tissue removal

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I've got surgery scheduled with him—and am super nervous! He's got a good rep, though, and OrthoIndy is really trusted, so I feel okay?

I initially went to see him because another doctor had told me to get a TTT and he said that was the absolute wrong thing to do. Instead, he wants to do a PKR and MPFL at the same time, which he says will fix me?

So this helps you not at all, I know, but...strength in numbers?