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Author Topic: Long term prognosis and quality of life after Malaligned Medial Tibial Plateau  (Read 367 times)

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I had a class IV medial tibial condyle fracture in March 2016 and my situtation is unusual in that the Orthopedic surgeon opted to wait three weeks to do surgery although a followup ex-ray three days after the accident showed slippage.  The doctor said though there appeared to be some slippage, it was possible the fracture would re-align on its own so he decided to take a "wait and see approach" stating that if it was still displaced at my next weekly visit he would replace my brace with an angled splint to push it back in place.  At my next visit (one week later) I told my doctor I was experiencing pretty severe pain in the fibula area of my shin but he said there was nothing to worry about, everything looked good and I wouldn't need the angled splint after all.  My assumption at that time was that the bone had realigned itself.  At the two-week follow up the doctor said everything continued to look good and to return in a week.  At my three week followup I complained once again of continued pain and at that point he decided to take another look at the ex-rays, determining at that point there was still displacement and that open reduction/internal fixation was necessary.  Unfortunately, during the three weeks before my surgery the fracture had begun to heal and as a result the surgeon could only pull it 50% over in his attempt to realign it.  He secured it with three screws and a bone graft.  I have read forum after forum, discussion board after discussion board, and I've not encountered anyone as of yet that has had a similar experience.  Surprisingly, I am doing pretty well at the 6 month mark being FWB and using a cane when climbing stairs or walking up a steep incline, but I still have some tightness and sporadic pain not as much in the area of the fracture as I do in the areas of the knee, thigh, and calf (especially on the lateral side).  I am hoping to find someone on this site that has had a similar experience, so I can get a better idea of the long term prognosis and quality of life issues I face.  When I asked, the doctor did confirm that the malalignment increased the chances for developing osteoarthritis and subsequent knee replacement due to the bone rubbing against knee cartlidge but I am anxious to know if some of the uncomfortable pressure I'm feeling on the right front and side of my calf (where my tibia is pushing on the fibula) will subside at some point and what type of recovery I can expect at the one year mark compared to someone with an aligned medial tibial plateau. 
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