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Author Topic: Doctor said my case is mild but why do I have so much pain?! MRI results and Xra  (Read 1290 times)

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I was diagnoes with patella tilt in both knees,plus some nerve issues in my right knee. My left knee is the worst, it feels like something is being pulled/being stuck. I did PT, surgery not an option becuase its a "mild" case and sergeon strongly against it. My thought is if its a mild case why do i have so much pain is it possible that they are missing something?...Ive been suffering for 2 years...both of my knees make gridining noise.

The medial meniscus is intact, there is intrameniscal signal indentified within medial meniscus but it doesn't reach articular surface.The lateral meniscus is intact, no evidence of stress edema within the lateral compartment. The anterior and posterior cruciatgge ligaments are intact. The articular cartliga overlying the patella is normal. The trochlear cartilage is normal. There is mild lateral patellar titlt.There is minor edema within the patellar fat pad superiorly. The extensor machanism is intact. There is minimal joint effusion present.There is small popliteal cyst preset.

No evidence of acute meniscal, cruciate or collateral liagament injury. Mild lateral patellar tilt present. No significant patellofemoral chondromalacia seen however. Minor edema within infrapatellar fat pad identified laterally, please correlate for dynamnic patellar tracking abnormalities. Small popliteal cyst.


There is no fracture or dislocation, the articular surfaces are well maintained. There is no joint space narrowing.The findings do not suggesting knee effusion. There is a mild widening of the proixmal metadiaphysis of the left fibula suggesting possible old injury.

What do these words in bold mean? Thank you everyone.

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Hey girl,

First, your doctor and radiologist may be totally correct.  I have found that if I get multiple opinions, I get multiple diagnosis' .  I have to tell you are in a great amount of pain, see more specialists.  The problem may be a missed condition.

Also, google '"the intractable pain patients guide" to pain relief by Dr. Forest.  Treating pain is a tough issue and this will tell you how to get pain relief, how to talk to doctors, and how to feel better.  It is by a pain specialist.

If you have a doctor telling you to live with it, get another doctor.  Physical therapy and other issues may be helpful, but you should also immerse yourself in this forum.  There are (not me) many smart people here who can help you.

I can tell you what not to do.....I specialize in wrong decisions.  Don't take the first opinion...don't take the 3rd opinion....if you are not comfortable or if you are in pain, then you should keep going to different specialists until you get the relief you need.

Check out that pain guide.

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I think your problem is with your infrapatellar fat pad.  Most doctors dont seem to understand how this can cause significant pain and loss of motion.   Its not "just fat" but is highly sensitive and can become inflamed and scarred and cause tracking abnormalities.  Why is there edema within it?  That is not a normal finding.

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After my op it seemed to take ages for my knee to improve, loads of physio, luckily my OS recognised that my fat pad was inflammed and gave me a steroid injection. Whilst it was painful to have the injection and for a few days afterwards, I took a significant step forward in the improvement to my range of motion and pain.
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I have received 3 sets of cortisone shots. The first 2 helped for a bit the last one didn't do anyting. They see that I have more inflammation in my left knee its visibile to naked eye, also my right leg the calf is skinnier than my left leg.. I am so frustrated that they can't help me.. and what do I do about the cyst? Maybe thats why I have a feeling like something is being stuck there.

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Can you get a second opinion?  A second pair of eyes can be very helpful - from a specialist or a physiotherapist.  Maybe muscle weakness is a contributing factor

Cysts commonly appear with meniscus tears - which MRIs are notorious for both under and over diagnosing - might explain the catching if it's getting stuck in the joint
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I have seen a total of 5 different PT. different doctors saw my MRI results, the surgeon I saw is very well known in our city and I trust him on not going through with the surgery...BUT I think I will wait a couple more years and see if situation improves with time, if it doesn't I will at least get antroscopic exam, I cannnot imagine living like this for another 50 years...

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Wow I had no idea 4 years has passed since I have posted here. Honestly, did not think that life would get better.

I suffered a total of 5 years with PFS syndrome. Finally a year ago decided to try one more PT who specializes in orthopedic sport medicine. I told him that he is my last try and if he can't help me I am done trying. So 6 weeks after what felt like a gym workout every time I would come in, I have to say for the first time I was pain free. I couldn't believe it.. I never thought I could love life again. I am a new person. I can now go for a long walk with my dog. Running still gives me problems though, probably because now my muscles atrophy since I didn't continue to maintain them.(its been a year since PT) Either way, I am a normal 29 year old woman who doesn't hate every second of every day due to nonstop pain! There is hope out there, don't give up.