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Author Topic: PLC rehab  (Read 6716 times)

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PLC rehab
« on: November 09, 2012, 10:02:56 PM »
Hi just after other people's experience/ideas/advice...

I injured my knee skiing (on a green slope :P) a few years ago. Initial MRI showed some minor compression injury to lateral femoral condyle, I spent a few weeks on crutches and followed it up with physio. I then bounced around a few different physios for the next few years with no real idea of what the underlying problem was and repeat MRIs being normal. Eventually ended up seeing orthopaedics who diagnosed PLC injury (and confirmed grade II/III on arthroscopy). I had reconstruction July this year, spent 2 weeks in a brace locked in full extension and then a free ROM brace for 4 weeks, and then started physio, with a ROM of about 0-55 at 6 weeks. After another 6 weeks of physio & hydrotherapy, my ROM improved to 0-85 but I was pretty stuck at that. I had an MUA last week (nearly 4/12 post-op) where it got to 120 in theatre. I don't know why they didn't push it any further. Since then, I have a active ROM of 5-115, and passive 0-125 and continuing hydrotherapy. The knee is always hot, and swells a lot, even after minimal exertion, to the point that if I do too many SLRs,it swells up and I struggle to maintain the ROM I have. My quads strength is pretty non-existant, and I have a SLR lag of 5-10 degrees.

As some background, I'm a keen climber & skiier and pre-op had a full ROM in the knee, but was limited in my climbing by pain when loading a flexed knee, especially on descents. The surgical team keep saying that 120 is a 'functional' ROM, and while I fully agree its a damn sight better than 85, 120 is not really that 'functional' for skiing and climbing, and its rather frustrating given that climbing/skiing are the predominant reasons I had the operation done. My surgeon says he thinks I should achieve virtually a full ROM but I don't really understand how I'm supposed to increase my ROM to more than they got in theatre.

Any thoughts on why I'm struggling so much with ROM and persistant swelling, and how I can improve my quads strength without making the knee swell up? Also any suggestions on how to do some sort of aerobic exercise one-legged?!

Thanks all!