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Author Topic: Massage techniques for LCL  (Read 6724 times)

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Massage techniques for LCL
« on: November 02, 2012, 10:23:40 PM »
My LCL is tightening up and hurts. Anyone who can share any great massage techniques to work with to get this better.
I have dislocated my knee several times and have several injuries in my knee including a sprain at tibia plateau. Now it's weekend and I can't get in touch with anyone to get help and my LCL area is tightening up giving me grief. Any ideas ? I can't use any ice as I have RSD/CRPS./Nettan
Surgery 6 times left knee torn meniscus, RSDS,chondromalacia, nervdamage cause constant nervpain,chronic inflamm.
Spinaldamage wheeler 100%.
Right knee damaged aug-06, use brace surgery 4/9-07.LCL tear.