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Author Topic: A distal femoral osteotomy less than a year before I get married - nervous!  (Read 3925 times)

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I am new to this forum - I've had a bit of a look around, but now I've been given a date for my op I thought that it was time I wrote something myself!

A little bit of background... I severely tore the lateral meniscus in my right knee in January 2009 & had a partial menisectomy 2 months later. I have had pain every day since then but I did not go back to the doctor until January this year. I was then told that I had osteoarthritis in the lateral compartment of my knee & the doctor sent me up to London to see if I was viable for a meniscal replacement or transplant. Unfortunately the arthritis was too severe, so I was referred to another specialist at the same hospital to assess if I was a candidate for a DFO. The consultant has recently told me that I am a candidate for an opening wedge osteotomy (and I might have microfracturing at the same time) & my surgery has now been booked for 17th December. I am 26 years old. Obviously I am nervous about the operation as it sounds like quite a big deal, but I am almost more worried about the recovery and how long it will take. I am getting married next November and I really want to be pain free (or at least, in a lot less pain than I am now) for that and for the honeymoon, I'm just not confident that I will be.

So I suppose that I am just looking for a bit of reassurance really! There seem to be a lot of posts about HTOs (I appreciate that these are more common) but I don't know if they are similar enough to DFOs for me to draw from?

Thanks :-)