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Author Topic: cyst on knee?  (Read 409 times)

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cyst on knee?
« on: October 16, 2012, 02:51:48 PM »
In high school i had a workout injury. My knee cap popped out of place. doctor popped back in and put a brace on it and sent me on my way. Three months later I got my brace off and was blind sided by two guys playing basketball. Knee popped out of place again, except this time I fell on it and forced it back in. Same thing, doctor put brace on it and sent me on my way. 7 years later i have this marble sized knot moving around in my knee. Occasionally it will get in between joint or something and cause my knee to buckle. It will also get between the bone and skin and cause alot of pain. Its a hard knot and very painful when it wants to move. Any ideas as to what it could be?