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Author Topic: ACI Surgery - Knee not bending  (Read 591 times)

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ACI Surgery - Knee not bending
« on: October 12, 2012, 06:40:17 PM »
I had ACI on my left knee 6 weeks ago.  There were 2 large lesions that were repaired; one on my tibia and one on my patella.  During the surgery they also moved my patella out and inserted 2 screws in my tibia.  I used the CPM machine for 3 weeks post-op and only managed to get to about 45 degrees.  I've been going to PT since then and have not increased in ROM.  Twice now, I have almost jumped off the table when the therapist was trying to bend my knee.  I have never experienced such pain and I feel that it is not normal.

I've explained to my doctor and the therapist that I have had numerous surgeries including 2 on my right shoulder, OATS on both knees, one on my right ankle, and my appendix and gall bladder removed.  I know what pain is and I know how physical therapy should feel.  They are now recommending a manipulation under anesthesia.  Is this normal?  Is there a chance they might break bones?  Should they scope my knee to look for something that might be hindering its movement?
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