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Author Topic: MUA & CPM 24/7 nearly 3 years after TKR  (Read 898 times)

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MUA & CPM 24/7 nearly 3 years after TKR
« on: October 12, 2012, 04:51:56 PM »
Hi there just back from yearly check up with ortho consultlant (UK) and after consultation have reluctantly agreed  another MUA with  CPM 24/7  nearly 3 years after previous one. Really worried ! Had MUA whilst having the other knee replaced but not had the CPM machine before
 Been nformed will have a morphine drip for a while then painkillers for the pain as CPM will be 24/7. OMG it sounds horrendous ! Really scared but realise its is my last hope unless I have a revision but at my age thats not an option! What to expect?Is it as bad as it sounds?

had right TKR in 2007after a fall resulting in cartlege damage and subsequent ops - loads of probs, another 3 ops later, in addition to having the left TKR  (which has been marginally more successful). As it stands now:
Right TKRand 18 moths later patella,button,debridment of scar tissue, MUA still can only get 70 flexion
Left Knee TKR  2009 90 flexion  Had loads and loads of phyiso- don't know what  else  to do

I come downstairs like a very old lady or a young child, keep falling over as its like walking on stilts, can't get into a bath,
 steps and curbsides are a nightmare, feel really disabled ! Never mind the pain!!!! Had to retire from work at 58 DHT primary school. I feel old before my time. Sorry just having a moan. If this MUA & CPM doesn't work I will be permamently disabled!