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Author Topic: Bone contusion/condylar edema  (Read 6085 times)

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Bone contusion/condylar edema
« on: October 11, 2012, 10:37:44 PM »
After an evening of trying to read my own MRI films (without too much success), I picked up my radiology report today. First it is important to know that my x-rays on Monday had my doc worried about possible AVN in the medial compartment. He was careful not to scare me, but wanted an MRI to see in better detail.
The report states "there is a condylar edema involving the medial tibila plateau adjacent to the truncated middle horn [of the medial meniscus]". The impression states: "Focal bone contusion at the medial tibial plateau not previously present. No macrofracture seen."

There are other findings but all regarding stable articular changes in all compartments, and a stable truncated medial meniscus.

As a person who has NEVER been trained in reading MRI images, I don't see any crescent signs that are generally indicative of AVN, but there is a wedge of signal in the tibia just below the plateau that had me wondering.

Before the MRI, the doctor had mentioned an OATS procedure if there was necrosis present. Anyone want to share any thoughts based on the report findings above? Does condylar edema/focal bone contusion indicate AVN?  There was no injury or trauma, and my knee is stable as far as ligaments and tendons which has me curious as to how this contusion/edema has occurred if it's not related to osteonecrosis. 
Right Knee:
1993 Plica removal
1994 Lateral Release
1995 TTT & chondroplasty
1996 HW removal & debridement
2005 Meniscus trim & chondroplasty
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