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Author Topic: OA and lingament problems?  (Read 6173 times)

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OA and lingament problems?
« on: October 17, 2012, 09:46:36 PM »
Hi knee folks,
my concern is the following. I was diagnosed grade 3 cartilage wear and small bone edema on my right kneecap this spring. Reason is a very bad patello-femoral dysplasia. Seemed it was activated OE. I was not able to get rid off the symptoms completyly, but improved. At that time on both knees something happened that I remember from childhood:
I was sitting on the flow, not in yoga-seat (good lord), but like knees bent about less than 90 degree, knees falling to the outside, soles of the feet pointing together, to the inside. I bent my upper body forward, stemmed my albows onto my knees and tehre it happened.
There was some stange sound/feeling in the knee (I had that once or twice on each knee on different times). Just like they would have been luxated a bit and reluxated, which seemed to be impossible, since there was obviously not much force applied.
The night after that I had pain on both sides of the respective knee, maybe also the day afterwards, but not more than that.

It did not happen again, since I was supercious about that. But since then I realised my lateral joint spance on both knees opens upt rather easy, when the knee is bent. For example, when I sit and want to rest one ankle on the other knee and apply just small pressure, the joint space opens, I feel it with my fingers and feel it in the knee and when i release the presure, I really feel how it snaps together again. Though I thing, when I streigten my knees the joints space is not
On my bad knee it is really worse, but also on the good knee it occurs. Good means MRi was okay, but still pain behind the kneecap, so doc things might be plica.

Most of the times my knees feel stable when i walk or run (I can, but rarely doe). I even can walk in steep and difficult terrain (hurts after some time, but possible). Still I can't do some Yoga exercises any more, due to the stange opening.

Also I found out, when i stress my knees to much or when i just seem to have a bad phase like now, I have the feeling I have sprained my lingaments. I then also have pain on the medial site and sometimes really feel, like my medial lingament is not strong enough and my knees bend to the inside (means I can't stand, although pain wouldn't be to bad. I also don't get rid of pain in the patella and quad tendon of the bad knee. So that means sometimes it hurts about everywhere, only not behind the kneecap, where the damage is!
On my good knee the tendon problem is also present, only not so strong.

Now I have read on the internet about lateral lingament injuries and instability and always I read about major forces, major accidents that must happen, so that there comes a damage to the lateral side and a chonic instability, like opening joint space, when leg is bend might occur.

Other than that stange sting I had, when sitting on the flow there was nothing. Also no sprains in the last years, heck, no sprains in adulthood at all. I'm 32 years old. I wonder why I have this lingament stuff.

I have heard OE is also going to destroy the lingaments, but SO fast? Now way.
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