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Author Topic: medial meniscus and/or medial collateral ligament problems  (Read 780 times)

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medial meniscus and/or medial collateral ligament problems
« on: December 21, 2012, 09:42:54 PM »
Just want some general advices on a problem that I have. First I have to say that English is not my native language, so please excuse my writing...

In May 2011 I was skiing down a slalom slope with skiis supposed for cross country skiing. Not very smart!! My knee joints was exposed for excessive force for a long period. Although I did not fall, it's obvious that this had an impact on my knee structures, and especialy my left knee.The next months I felt that something was not right with the knee. I had no serious a pain, nor any kind of knee locking. Just uncomfortable in certain situations.

In september 2011 the pain got a little worse, especially when jogging in the forest in rough terrain. So in october 2011 I went to the doctor, and the MRI results says: (translated from Norwegian..)

"Thickened collateral medial ligament proximal, with edema signal changes in the inner portion. Perceived as remnants of previous partial rupture proximally. Centrally located ventral to the medial meniscus anterior horn is a vertical gradient signal toward corpus. A small radial tear could be"

At that time the doctor said that surgery was not an option. In 2011/2012 in the winter I was cross country skiing a lot, and had no problems. I could still feel that there was something with the left knee, but it did not cause me any problems. In april 2012, when the skiing season was over, I started jogging in the forest again. And I got problems with the knee again. So back to the doctor again and he did several of the tratitional meniscus tests. And almost all tests were negative. The only positive test producing pain was when the knee was flexated, like when the back of the leg is pressed toward the back of the thigh. Still surgery was not an option. Instead i was supposed to strengthen the muscles. And so I did. Things were supposedly working fine during summer and early fall. I could even run on asfalt, but only straight ahead. Runnng in large circles produced pain in he knee if I was running the circle clockwise. Running left turns did not produce pain at all. Can this indicate anything?

During early fall I have not been so very active. But lately I was starting to jog again in a ski slope without snow. And I felt a little pain again after slipping on the ice. You know the kind of slipping that happens when you try to make a step, and the foot just slips backwards. That's exactly something that causes pain right now. And two days ago it happened again in the evening. I was just walking, and I slipped. It did not cause any pain when it happened, but I woke up at night with severe pain. I could not sleep, and the pain was just like a severe toothache. I Had to go to the emergency care early in the morning. The doctor checked everything, and could not find anything wrong. The knee was stable, intact ligaments and normal x-ray (not MRI). But the doctor observed pain when the knee was flexed, and also pain in the space between the joints.I got medicine for the pain, and also anti-inflammatory medicine. And was told to contact the hospital again in january.  The pain is now almost gone...

I wonder if anyone has experienced something similar? Is this a meniscus problem or a problem with the collateral ligament?