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Author Topic: MRI of my left knee. Need 2nd opinion.  (Read 2564 times)

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MRI of my left knee. Need 2nd opinion.
« on: October 04, 2012, 06:27:08 AM »
Hello kneegurus I dont know if this is the right spot for this and Im in an emergency situation. I am in the military and need someones help. I was told that I had tore my knee (meniscus flap tear) by 2 different doctors overseas and that I needed surgery. Now when I get flown home to see the military's orthro doctors they said no tear and just physical therapy. Someone is lying to me, and If there is anyone kind enough to donate your skills and that can read MRI scans and understand them or a Radiologist out there will you please tell me your opinion so I can go to a different doctor. My knee is locking and when I walk up stairs its hurting alot. If there is not enough info Here I can upload more scans. I am in some pain and I just want to make sure they arent trying to cheap me out of getting it fixed. Thank you for your time.

I uploaded the scans in a video to youtube. Heres the link for you to take a look.

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Re: MRI of my left knee. Need 2nd opinion.
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2012, 12:42:17 PM »
here's some suggestions for you.
1. see the physical therapist, and sit down with them and explain your symptoms and concerns, before they have you do any exertion with it, and see if they have any doubts as to the opinion the doctor you saw has. I've seen therapists who, when they see the patient, will write up a report that it is their opinion that there is more wrong and that they recommend a re-evaluation, that they feel PT not indicated at present. See what they think.

2. Take your MRI and pay for a private OS consultation from an orthopedic surgeon outside the military system. It costs a couple hundred to pay out of pocket to a physician 'no insurance' but if you are convinced you have a problem and want the second opinion... it's up to you.

3. a diagnostic method my OS has used is to try a cortisone shot, if it relives the symptoms temporarily and they come back, then its another clue in the puzzle that there may in fact be something torn. Not advocating to do so.. but saying that they may suggest this.

4. Did the OS look at the flims himself, or just rely on the report? MRI reports are only as good as the radiologist who read the films... a good OS will read the films himself and make his own conclusions. Mine has found stuff on the MRI films that the radiologist never saw... got the scope pics to prove it.
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