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Author Topic: ACL - am i doing the right thing?  (Read 750 times)

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ACL - am i doing the right thing?
« on: October 03, 2012, 04:03:47 PM »
Hi, first post. I will try to be quite brief.

* Turned sharply playing football in Feb this year and felt my knee give way.
* Had MRi a few months later and it showed a partial tear to the ACL.
* Consultant (Epsom Hospital) said I needed to undergo a vigorous programme of physiotherapy to strengthen the right knee.
* Was silly of me but after 2 sessions I discharged myself from the Physio assuming that my consultant would operate on me regardless when I saw him again.
* Saw Consultants Registrar the next time and he said I HAD to do the Physio (and that a decision would be made at my next appointment whether or not to operate). When I see the Consultant next (1 Nov) I will have done 13 sessions roughly.

I'm 29 and prior to the injury I was quite active and sports played a major part in my life. I wish for this to continue.

Physio has generally strengthened my leg. I've played football mildly in the last few weeks. But have totally braced my knee so that it doesn’t happen again. I am also overly-cautious and a bit paranoid that it will happen again and am playing to about 60% capacity compared to when I was fully fit. If I do play football my knee hurts a bit immediately and a bit more in the aftermath. After physio it also hurts a bit in the aftermath.

When I go to see my consultant on 1 November am I right to push for surgery. Ive already waited since February and I’m worried he will say ‘Oh, youve started playing football, it seems to be on the mend... go and do more Physio...’

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: ACL - am i doing the right thing?
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 09:55:36 PM »
Hi - sorry to say this but the acl will not repair itself or 'be on the mend' however long you wait or how much physio you do. It doesn't have a blood supply so a tear is a tear that will remain.   Please someone correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I have found out following my son's acl tear, he tore his playing football like you but he was only 16.

When he completely ruptured his acl he had to do a month's physio to try and reduce the swelling and get the leg as strong as possible before being booked in for surgery. My son's consultant decided when he was ready for surgery and from injury to operation it was 4 months in total.  Its been 21 months since his surgery and he is now fully on the road to recovery, running again and using his leg confidently without thinking too much about it :)

Hope all goes well for you.
27th September 2010 - Tore acl at football
12th January 2011 - ACL reconstruction (Hamstring)

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Re: ACL - am i doing the right thing?
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2012, 12:05:16 PM »
MUMof pain is right on target with her advice. Your ACL isn't going to get better. Yes, you might be able to deal with no ACL but you will constantly be aware of what you're doing & how you're moving so as to avoid the bones slipping out of place. A good custom brace will also be of some help but if you want to resume playing football, I would think you'd be best to prepare for the surgery & be done with it. Wishing you well.
April, 2005 - ACL rupture, medial meniscus tear within posterior horn to articular surface, abnormal signal within lateral meniscus, partial tear MCL, bone contusions tibia/fibula, Baker's cyst.
No repairs.

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Re: ACL - am i doing the right thing?
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2012, 02:35:21 PM »
MUMofpain/Audice thanks a lot for your replies. Much appreciated.

It's funny how the consultant implied I could resume footie to the same level by just going through physio. Lucky I discovered this website when I did earlier this year... anyway the wait resumes, I will keep you updated.

Thanks again.