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Author Topic: Relief at last from leg and knee pain.  (Read 9797 times)

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Relief at last from leg and knee pain.
« on: November 11, 2012, 01:58:38 PM »
This is my first post as I only found the site yesterday.  Briefly having had knee pain and limited mobility for around 2 years,  I began to get extreme pain from my spine to my ankle in my left leg.  My first experience of this excruciating pain was October 2010.  Many GP visiits produced knee relief from injection into the joint  but nothing eased the attacks of pain in my leg. I could no longer sit for many minutes without having to get up and try to move around. Embarassing sometimes because I would often cry out in pain.  Then followed private health check which included tests for peripheral neuropathy  ( I am a diabetic type 2 on insulin), a Scan, which revealed a couple of compressed discs etc.  Nothing that was prescribed had any impact on the leg pain. Then a month after these tests  I suffered a cardiac arrest twice within an hour and was fitted with 3 stents. Earlier this year   I also tried acupuncture in my leg and lumbar spine.  (This did bring relief from the discomfort I had when travelling in a vehicle, when every bump was agony). This was followed by physioptherapy sessions at a private hospital but brought no relief.   No one could give me an answer to what was actually causing the leg pain but the consensus was that it was likely to be the compressed discs pressing on a nerve.  In March this year I was admitted to hospital for a full knee replacement but the anaesthetist was not happy to do it because of my heart attacks. So near and yet so far, I was utterly frustrated.    Then 2 weeks ago a friend suggested I try a topical gel D M S O. I was willing to try anything at all and managed to buy some of this gel but only the 70% strength.  Imagine my joy when after only one application I felt some relief from the leg pain. I only applied it to my left knee and that did not seem to be any different at first. Now after 2 weeks of using it daily, I can sleep without pain, lift my leg straight out, cross my legs over.  It is not completely gone but the difference is truly liberating. My knee is beginning to get a little easier now too.  I have ordered some 90% D M S O which I have not yet received but will post again if this brings me even more relief.  I feel like a new person now & hiope this post may help someone else to get relief.