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Author Topic: 03.09.12 Left patella stabilisation  (Read 9074 times)

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03.09.12 Left patella stabilisation
« on: September 23, 2012, 11:12:07 AM »
Hi, I'm new to this and thought I would share my experience to date.

I had a my knee surgery on the 3rd September 2012 to resolve ongoing left patella stabilisation that I had since I was young.  The surgery involved arthroscopy with debridement patella surface, medial tibial tubercle transfer (TTT) and MPFL reconstruction.

It is now 20 days post-surgery (taking day 1 to be 4th September) and I am very happy with progress to date.  I am not sure though whether I am just lucky.  Here is a brief history of recovery:

Pain: Pain was manageable at about 4-5 out of 10 from post-surgery to day 6.  On the morning of day 6, pain increased to about 8 in the morning but stabilised during the day.  I was taking 2 x 500Mg Paracetamol 4 times daily, 1 Ibuprofen 3 times daily (a leg although stopped taking these quite early), up to 2 x 30mg Codeine 4 times daily (although mostly took 1 during the day, 2 at night).  I stopped all pain meds on day 13 as I didn't need them anymore (probably could have stopped couple of days earlier during the days).

Mobility: I was advised to use a TROM brace for first 2 weeks with up to 30 degrees movement.  Most of the time I locked it at 0 degrees and sat with my leg up.  I was lucky my wife isn't working and was happy to do everything for me.  During walking I was allowed as much pressure through my leg as I could stand.  I estimate this was up to 50% normal in week 2, 25% in week one. My left leg muscles have mostly disappeared.

I'm now out of my brace and feel confident walking without even crutches (from about day 15 down to one crutch, day 18 one crutch occasionally).  I went for a gentle walk in the woods behind my house and walked for almost 2 miles, using the crutch only on the downhill stretches and muddy bits.  I am rebuilding my quads with a combination of walking and electro-stimulation from an old body-toning kit I had (pad-based).  This really seems to help with strength, stability and pain control by the way so would recommend to anyone.

Knee bend: I had 30 degree knee bend after 7 days but it remained there until day 14 due to the TROM brace.  I then saw a physio who wanted to see 60 degrees by day 21 and 90 degrees by day 28.  I am now on day 20, and I have about 70 degrees bend to my limit.  Pain is mainly pressure pain and is near the MPFL site (inside knee) but is not too bad and can be ignored with distraction (like typing this).

I am due back at work on day 28, next due to see my physio on day 32 and surgeon on day 38.  By then I expect to be walking almost normally, be able to sit comfortably and start active training to rebuild strength (exercise bike/treadmill- walking only).  These are goals and might not be achieved but given the progress to date I don't see why I shouldn't be able to achieve all of this.

Am I lucky or is this normal?