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Author Topic: Did I retear my ACL?  (Read 942 times)

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Did I retear my ACL?
« on: September 27, 2012, 01:19:56 AM »
I tore my acl on a trampoline in may.  Surgery was may 11th.  I did physical therapy and everything I was told and was cleared to get back in the pool for my college swim season.  Recently my knee feels wobbly and painful.  It pops and cracks and grinds when I walk.  It was very hard to tell that I tore it the first time.  My knee never swelled and I was walking.  My doctor almost didn't do the MRI because I had very few symptoms of an ACL tear.  I rested my knee for about a week and it started feeling much better.  I went back to practice the other day and I pushed off the wall with my foot turned sideways and I felt a pop.  After that my knee felt like it was sliding around.  I have been in severe pain ever since.  It seems unlikely that my ACL would tear just by pushing off of a wall underwater though.  What does it sound like to you guys. I will go see my surgen on friday afternoon.  But I want to be prepared for what he might say.