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Author Topic: Femoral Anteversion/Hip Replacement Procedure Questions  (Read 7094 times)

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Femoral Anteversion/Hip Replacement Procedure Questions
« on: September 14, 2012, 10:58:24 PM »
Hello  :)
Not entirely sure if i'm posting in the right area, I'm new to this site after finding it on the wonder that is Google!

When I was about 3/4 my parents noticed I wasn't walking right and repeatedly tripped over my own feet. Various trips to doctors and hospitals resulted in me being diagnosed with femoral anteversion in both legs, with the right being worse than the left.
During my younger years I endured special shoes, daily physiotherapy sessions and for a short time a leg brace, which all came to no avail, and as my consultant recently told me, is no longer common forms of treatment here in the UK.
Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones that grew out of it, so just learnt to live with it.
When I was around 7 I started to suffer pain in my legs and hips, and surgery was suggested to my parents, however they decided they didn't want to put me through what was back then quite a risky procedure so we waited it out.
Now i'm 19 and as the pain and discomfort has worsened collectively myself, my parents and my consultant have decided it is time to put me under the knife so to speak.
The type of procedure that has been discovered is one where both my legs are broken at certain points, then realigned and pinned in place. There has also been discussions of a hip replacement around the age of thirty as my hips just aren't in the standard they should be of a girl my age  :(

I was wondering if any of you had undergone any similar procedures/experiences and what your thoughts about it were; how long did it take you to recover? How long were you immobile for? How would you rate the pain? Any other info you think would benefit me? Of course I have discussed these things at hospital appointments but thought it would be good to hear from people who had experience :)