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Author Topic: Complicated Situation/Patella Baja  (Read 811 times)

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Complicated Situation/Patella Baja
« on: April 09, 2013, 07:17:34 PM »
Hi, I'm new here but wanted advice/to vent a little if that's ok. I apologize that this is so long but it's a complicated situation.

I'm 29 years old. I fell at work back in August and have been out on Workers Comp ever since. I fell on my left knee and was taken to the ER. I instantly felt a pop and had excruciating pain. Looking at my knee, it was obvious something was wrong. They diagnosed me with a patellar fracture and sent me home saying "these kinds of injuries usually heal on their own" but to follow up with the ortho doc on call the next morning. I was in so much pain and by the time I saw the ortho doc, my knee was purple, swollen, and I couldn't move it. He told me I needed surgery and so I was admitted to the hospital for surgery the next morning. He was very brash from the beginning and not forth coming with any information. I didn't know what he did to my knee. My husband asked him what exactly he ended up doing o my knee and he replied, "I fixed it". I was immobilized completely for 10 weeks before even being allowed to start PT and only at 30 degrees flexion. By then I was already so stiff they were never able to get me to 30. He kept telling me everything was fine and that I needed to get the knee to bend but offered no explanation as to why it wouldn't bend and denied any solutions to fix the problem. Frustrated I sought a second opinion.

Today marks 8 months to the day of my injury and I can only bend my knee max 60 degrees. My knee is so stiff and sore. The doctor I sought out for a second opinion finally explained to me what the other doctor had done in surgery. Turns out I actually ruptured my patellar tendon and some pieces of my patella broke off, not completely like I was under the impression had happened. He said I had a screw and wire (which the first doc didn't not tell me about). He then dropped a bomb on me. He told me that because of the wire, my patella was pulled way down (called Patella Baja). I saw it for myself on the X-Ray and my jaw dropped! I had no idea my patella was not in the right place. (The first doctor totally ignored it) He highly recommended surgery as pretty much my only option to have a chance of getting better although he doesn't think I'll ever get normal ROM back.

Surgery is scheduled for this Thursday and I'm nervous about the potential of my condition to remain as debilitating as it is permanently. The surgery will entail removing the screw and wire, realigning my patella to its rightful position, and removing some of the scar tissue that has built up from being immobilized for so long. I don't know what to expect recovery wise. If I'm not back to work by August, I could loose my job. Can anyone shed some light on what to expect post op? Will I be immobilized again? How long? When does PT normally start? Will I need inpatient care/rehab? I'm freaking out a little. I would appreciate any and all input on this matter! Thank You for reading.  :)