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Author Topic: Delayed recurring knee pain  (Read 1062 times)

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Delayed recurring knee pain
« on: April 08, 2013, 02:48:34 PM »
Hi all, first post be gentle :)

Last September I took part in a walking challenge (The yorkshire 3 peaks challenge)which involved the climbing of 3 peak in quick succession in 10 hours.  By the end of the challenge my knees were in some discomfort but I put that down to the terrain and the strain caused by 3 tough ascents and descents in succession.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I was still in fairly constant pain when ascending and descending any stairs at all. Gradually that seemed to pass but they were not right for about 6-8 weeks. Medical advice was that this was not likely to be ligament based and that rest would be fine.

I play regular 5-aside football and did not attempt to play during that period.  Since I've strarted playing again I've had a persistent problem but only with the left knee. I always have it strapped up which seems to make no difference.

For 45 minutes of the 1 hour game the knee will feel completely normal, until i start to feel pain in the knee in the same place I had it following the challenge.  It's always in the same place and nearly always at around the 45 minute mark.

That pain is on the lower oustide of the left knee.  It's not agony but it's uncomfortable and I can not run on it. I often find that walking up and down stairs that evening will be painful but there is no resting pain at all.

By the next morning the pain has gone and I am able to play again the following week and the cycle repeats although every so often it will last the full hour.

Over the weekend I took the first lengthy walk I had done since the original injury.  Only 6-7 miles and aside from an early climb and descent, relatively flat. Towards the end the same injury showed up again.

The only suggestions I had received elsewhere were that this was a problem with the IT band and that use of a foam roller would be the best move. I have been doing that a couple of times a week but with no noticable difference.

So here I am hoping that you can help me shed some light on the most likely cause of this problem and the best next steps.

Many thanks

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Re: Delayed recurring knee pain
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2013, 03:47:57 PM »
Can I ask how old you are and whether you've ever had any knee injuries in the past? Was the 3 Peaks the first kind of "up and down walking" challenge?!
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Re: Delayed recurring knee pain
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2013, 04:00:45 PM »
Thanks for replying Lottie.  I'm 38 and yes I while I had done plenty of single hill climbs in a day, never anything quite so intense as this was.

I've had no significant knee injuries in the past.

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Re: Delayed recurring knee pain
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2013, 03:47:40 PM »
Tendonitis is another line of thinking and can be quite painful (especially when full blown).  Hiking puts alot of strain on the knees (although it is sooo much fun!), and when done with a time frame in mind, extra care may have been dismissed when fatigue started to be evident.  I am glad that you aren't hurting all the time or severe pain, however, any pain is not good.....

There are exercises on the internet that are really good for tendonitis, and they shouldn't hurt you if it isn't that type of injury/strain.  Hope you heal up quickly and permanently!  ;)

God Bless,

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