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Author Topic: MPFL surgery after 11 weeks... still having problems bending  (Read 768 times)

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MPFL surgery after 11 weeks... still having problems bending
« on: August 30, 2012, 06:37:57 AM »

I had my MPFL surgery 11 weeks ago. I have been dealing with recurrent dislocation for 17 years and had atleast 50 X dislocations. My doc used my hamstring for my surgery. I took out my immobilizer brace after 2 days after operation which I think is weird but that's my doctor's advise. I was out of crutches 2 weeks after operation but my problem is still with bending. After 4 weeks, I can bend my knees less than 90 degrees and was able to lift my leg only on my 5th week. My therapist told me that my progress is so slow. In my 8  weeks, I was so happy because my progress is so very noticeable and I can bend my knees for atleast 125 degrees but 2 weeks ago, my knee just suddenly got swolen. The swelling already subside but I cannot bend my knees anymore like before. I can bend my knees only up to 100 degress. I can use stationary bike up to number 3 before the swelling but now can only use number 9. Is it really taking a long time to have full knee bending or it is just me probably because I had this problem for a long time and my knee is sooooo loose. I am really getting worried... Any experience on this?