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Author Topic: OCD Loose Body  (Read 1041 times)

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OCD Loose Body
« on: August 24, 2012, 06:45:53 PM »

I'm 22 years old and 3 years ago I was misdiagnosed with a torn meniscus after going to sit down and getting about half way through the motion before my leg gave way and locked, I regained full movement  minutes later other than not being able to fully extend my knee, probably the last 5-10 degrees or so. After a long trip to A&E they told me I'd likely torn my meniscus and sent me on my way with a leg brace. I continued to walk on my leg without crutches for 2months in quite large amounts of pain before finally they did an MRI scan and to their surprise found I had a 1cm loose body within my knee joint at which point I was told not to bear weight and put straight on crutches. My knee had very little swelling or reaction at all to the loose body other than pain, locking and giving way.

After open knee surgery to pin the piece of bone back into place using 2 small pins and a wire, thankfully my cartilage was still attached to the piece of bone. Following 10months of limited movement being gradually increased I was finally given the all clear to start walking again, but after only a few weeks I experienced alot of pain and swelling, following an inconclusive MRI scan, I had an exploratory arthroscopy which revealed one of the screws had become unconvered by cartilage, so that was removed. Since then my knee has only gotten better, basically no pain unless I used it very vigorously. Cycling, running jumping all have been pain free, the longest thing to return was my confidence in it.

Until one Wednesday in late June this year when it changed very suddenly, to being very painful with just walking and once again I cannot fully extend my leg. After being dismissed by my GP (who didn't even touch my knee)  and told to me to wait 2 weeks to see if it changed. I got a referral from a 2nd GP, now after having an MRI scan which due to the interference from my pin showed no details of my original injury and only revealed wearing of my subchondral plate and bumps and imperfections in my cartilage, which I've had since I did the orginal injury. Due to the level of pain I'm in and the sudden change in my knee, I pushed for an exploratory Arthroscopy which is happening towards the end of September.

In the mean time I've been advised not to run/cycle or do any high impact activities. I'm still bearing weight on my leg and when I walk I'm turning my foot completely out to the side, so much so that I've destroyed all of my shoes literally breaking out of the side of the heel. But now my growing concern is my other leg is starting to be very painful, catching and giving way, at about 20 degrees from straight my leg distinctly catches and makes a loud poping/cracking sound. Is it likely to be from the extra stress being put on it from me not using my left leg fully or is it something more serious that I should chase up? And as they can't tell what's going on from my MRI scan is bearing weight on my leg advisable in the first place? As I know I did more damage when I continued to walk after the original injury with the loose body in my joint.

The pain is consistent in both of my legs and although bearable when walking, if I walk during the day they both become uncomfortably painful in the evenings if I leave them in a position for longer than 5-10minutes.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post, I have pictures of my original arthroscopy and mri scan which I can post if anyone thinks it would be helpful/just interested, and I can provide more details if needed.