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Author Topic: Looking for some advice on my Patella Tendon issues..  (Read 1821 times)

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Looking for some advice on my Patella Tendon issues..
« on: August 24, 2012, 09:33:42 AM »
This could be a long one – apologies in advance…
Problems started with my left knee 2  - 2.5 years back, I started to get niggling tendonitis on the lower part of my patella tendon. Prior to this, the only problems I’d had was Osgood Schlatters as a teen – this had cleared up by the time I hit 18 and I had been problem free for the next 20 years –I’m 40 now.
After trying various methods to sort out my tendonitis it became progressively worse, so I went to see my OS who gave me an MRI. He told me that the Osgood ‘lump’ was significant and left that an MRI would help to clear the picture up. The scan showed ‘high signals’ at the top of the tendon, so after some more failed PT, I was booked for an arthroscopy end of Jan 2012. The OS removed some scar tissue from the top of the tendon and removed a spur on the bottom of the kneecap. 4 – 5 weeks later it was looking good and I was out on my bike going some light cycling. However, 8 weeks or so afterwards the tendonitis returned worse than ever but the focus definitely on the bottom of the patella tendon. Had another MRI and this time there was significant signals over the Osgood lump. The repair to the top of the tendon now looked good in the scan at least. Now 8 – 9 weeks ago (Mid June 2012) I had a second procedure, this time open surgery, to remove the ossicle from underneath the tendon. This meant splitting the tendon length ways before extracting the bone that had been irritating the tendon.
Recovery was again very quick at first, within 4 weeks I was walking without a problem, the knee was still swollen but slowly ‘deflating’. Stairs were okay and I’d started light PT. Stupidly, I thought as walking was symptom free, I could comfortably play a day of golf without an issue….The next day I had a big knee again, so I iced and rested and the swelling reduced to it’s pre-golf size within a few days. So now, 4 weeks post golf incident, I’m walking, going up stairs pain free, going down stairs pain free – although I get a weird sensation just at the end of the flex – but  if I try to walk down any slope it feels very uncomfortable, like it’s going to give way or crack and the reduction in swelling has just stopped. I’m being far more careful with it now. I light cycle for 30 mins to try and put some strength into the quads, anything more aggravates it. I also train as hard as I can on all other leg muscle groups that do not put a strain on the patella tendon. I saw the OS a week back and he said that the swelling will go down and that the still red scar is a sign that things still need to settle down underneath – anyone else heard this before about scars?
My concern is that progress appears to have stopped. I still get tendonitis type of pain at the tibial tuberosity, as well as down the right flank of the tendon and around the kneecap, but I assume that’s to be expected because the tendon has been severely traumatised during surgery? I guess I wanted to know if anyone has had similar procedures performed and whether I’m expecting too much too soon? Is recovery usually so up and down/slow? Bit worried about the problem about walking down slopes. It wasn’t as issue 4 weeks after surgery, so why is it a problem now? Once the swelling finally subsides, OS said this will happen, will this take pressure of off the tendon that may be causing some of these issues? Any advice appreciated as I’m a very active (was) person who isn’t coping too well will this –think I’m going off my rocker ;D ;D

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Re: Looking for some advice on my Patella Tendon issues..
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2012, 10:18:54 AM »
Hi there Brett!

Although I haven't had your op, just wanted to put in my two cents! Recovery from any op is difficult, often up and down and sometimes can plateau for a while. Have you seen a physio recently? I think if you haven't it'd be a good idea to have a session so they can assess your progress and make sure what you're doing is appropriate for you at this stage.

Good luck!


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Re: Looking for some advice on my Patella Tendon issues..
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2012, 10:40:57 AM »
I haven't had your exact operation, but from what I do know of knee problems, tendons do not have direct blood supplies like muscles do, so they do not heal quickly. it can take months for a tendon to mend after an injury or surgery. So, to be subjecting it to a full day of activity with no breaks only 4 weeks postop, that is really asking a lot. It takes at least 2 weeks just for the skin incisions to heal, often closer to at least 3 weeks, to be sure there's deep dermal closure at all levels and there's no spot holes from stitches etc.

SO... If I were you... I would consider consulting with your docs, and with a therapist, and see what condition that poor tendon is in, and see what you can do to settle it down. I think some RICE and zero strain on it to get the inflammation down is first off in order, and then then to get a prescribed PT routine going for you to follow at home... and stay OFF the golf course for the next few least until that knee's a lot stronger! you had chunk of bone peeled out of the middle of a tendon that is the anchor to your ability to swing your entire lower leg forward, that tendon takes a LOT of stress... and it needs to be brought back up to form like molding glass if you want it to tolerate an 18 hole golf course and all the associated activity without freaking on you.

Please take care, get it checked out, and give it some rest before you over do it some more.... patience is key. You don't enter a marathon without training for months in advance if you expect to finish without injury, or if you want to win... and trying to golf all day... same thing. Do your training first and fix the knee with rest and patience and PT... stick to Wii golf for now.

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Re: Looking for some advice on my Patella Tendon issues..
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2012, 10:52:45 AM »
Thanks Bee/DM

Definitely take your point about the recovery reaching a plateau for a while. Saw PT for the last time, last week. The OS said that there isn't too much else they can do to help. He implied that rest and careful exercise was now required. It's just that when you follow directions to the letter and see no improvement (maybe slight worsening) it becomes a concern.

DM - Understand, more patience required. Going back to see OS in 6 weeks. My knee will have TLC until then and we'll see where we are then.

Thanks again for the replies

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Re: Looking for some advice on my Patella Tendon issues..
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2014, 08:32:47 AM »
Hi Brett,

Of course, you wrote this post quite a while ago.  I was wondering if you could provide an update.  I am almost in the position you were in.  I have tendonitis, had arthroscopic surgery almost six months ago to remove scar tissue and I'm still feeling the same amount of pain.  They are considering performing the second surgery you had.  I'm not sure that is the way to go yet, but nothing has seemed to help.  How are things in your kneeland?