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Author Topic: Grade 2 MCL 3 months ago. Can I start fitness again?  (Read 833 times)

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Grade 2 MCL 3 months ago. Can I start fitness again?
« on: May 18, 2014, 09:23:49 PM »
Hi all!

Unfortunately I hit a tree snowboarding on Feb 22nd and did my MCL as a grade 2.

Long story short I was out for about 6 weeks but on the last 11 days of the ski season so April 4th to about 15th I was back on the hill and riding and honestly I think I was riding harder then I would have been before I hit the tree after day 3 or so.

The physio didn't see me till after the season was over and said that with a grade 2 I recovered faster then he expected and he wouldn't  have given the ok for my injury till week 8 to get back on the snow.

So I guess that is a really good sign!

It's been another month now (few days off of 3 months now) and i'm still doing my exercises:

5x sets of standing on a pillow and balancing while moving forward and back and side (10x) and side to side (10x) - eyes closed

3x sets of 20 - right leg up and pulling my left (injured) leg down to the 90 degree point (w/physio band)

3x sets of 20 - other way around so right leg down and extending the left (injured leg) - w/physio band

3x sets of 20 sec stretch using a towel to pull on my foot so I feel a stretch in my calf.

3x sets of light squats that dont go to far down using a physio band on the ground and I hold it putting tension on it to make it harder.

Doc said to drop everything at the end of May except the balancing one and to just reduce how often I do it and that with an MCL it's good to do really forever to finally get to a point where you jut do it once a week or two weeks with a few sets.


So that's the long story! Sorry long I know!

So my question is this. I want to get back into fitness. Before leaving Australia to travel I was 150kg and I'm down to about 105kg so down 45kg (that's like 330lbs down to 230lbs so down 100lbs if anyone uses pounds) in like 11 months.

I want to finish of getting rid of this weight.

Right now I'm backpacking in Europe and walking around a city for 1 hour or so used to make my leg hurt and be stiff. Now I can walk around for hours till it takes it to be stiff but it still hurts a bit at the end of a long wander through a new city especially as it's Europe and there are lots of cobble stone streets.

Also when I do my squats in the morning my knee does hurt with I do them. It's not to bad but it does hurt.

I have full range of motion pain free just in a normal sense.

When I bring my knee to my chest and do that stretch it is fine but the knee hurts a bit and when I move the knee back and forth lying on the bed with my hand on it I dont feel crunching but something that just feels like it's not 100% in there.

Also it still looks bigger then the other knee (not by much) but I suppose until it's 100% the muscles will be inflamed so that will be for another few months.

If I job or run for some reason to say get a bus I can do that issue free.

What I want to do is go to Thailand to train at one of those Martial Arts camps to drop all my weight and finally get where I want to be.

From what I've said do you guys think I would be ok doing this?

Obviously anything to do with kicking my leg out with the injury is out but how about doing all the other things they would do to get fit as in general fitness classes but  just go easy on the legs?

As I did snowboard for 11 days at the 6 week point problem free and now its the 3 month point.

What do you guys recon?

Or is it a stupid idea and I should just wait till the 6 month point before doing Thailand?

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Re: Grade 2 MCL 3 months ago. Can I start fitness again?
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2014, 12:42:41 PM »
Anyone? :)