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Author Topic: Do I get a second right knee already?? TORN!  (Read 676 times)

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Do I get a second right knee already?? TORN!
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:19:36 PM »
Hi Folks - Was here many years ago when I first began having serious knee issues.  I was hit by a car in 1996 and had a patellectomy in 1998 followed by a LOT of scopes and then a micro fracture in 2003. In 2004 I had no other choice but to have a TKR on my right knee at the ripe age of  37.  Now at 45 I had to have revision done in April to replace the pads but the pain is still getting worse.  I have stopped cycling and walking as much and limit activity to weights at the gym and shorter walks and some swimming.  Standing causes swelling and so does any activity pretty much.  X-Rays show nothing out of place but the tendons in the back are grabbing a lot and popping and the knee often clicks loudly and is very very achy! I see the surgeon tomorrow for a 4th re check.  Was in the ER twice since surgery with swelling and numbness and extreme pain and they don't know why.  So my question is, do I go ahead and get a new TKR or endure this pain and suffer with being disabled.  I am active and this is severely limiting my life!  What am I up against if I get a second knee done now, at 45.  What is the prognosis?  Doc says there are no guarantees and I am terrified to stay like this and scared to make a wrong decision! HELP!!! ??? :-[