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Author Topic: bipartite patella advice please  (Read 692 times)

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bipartite patella advice please
« on: August 22, 2012, 12:54:23 AM »
i have  just  found  out that  i have got bipartite patella in my  left knee. 11 years  i   fell and  took a  direct blow to the  knee i  was  diagnosed with a fractured patella , but  3 months ago had a  small  fall,  went to A & E and they  xrayed  but said it  was an old brake that  hadnt healed then  i  was sent for an mri so  now  know that  i have bipartite patella.  i  saw the  surgeon last week  and  he  said about the operations  i  can either  have  part of the knee cap  taken out or  they  will  scrap the  fibrous  tissue out and  screw the  knee back together. another problem is  i  have  been diagnosed with  a very low bone density mass. has  anyone been through this?  and  what  was the operations like, the scars, the healing etc. any advice or help would  be  great many thanks.