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Author Topic: Can't Walk Patellofemoral pain syndrome  (Read 6803 times)

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Can't Walk Patellofemoral pain syndrome
« on: August 18, 2012, 04:47:02 AM »
Hi guys

I have seen numerous knee surgeons/doctors and they all say I have patellofemoral pain syndrome. Although I know this is a catch-all...I definitely agree that I have extremely weak muscles in my thighs and bad pelvic instability etc...Physical therapist can't believe how weak I am...problem is I can't do many of the exercises for my knees because I have lower back pain (also due to pelvic instability etc my MRIS Xrays are perfect). I just started on super high dose aleve to deal with the inflammation. I am icing twice a day as well. All of the weakness is really due to being on pure T3 for my hypothyroid for too long (i am in the process of getting of this medication but may not be completely off it for another 3 months).

The problem is right now the pain is so bad in my knees that I cannot walk (I can usually walk to the bathroom and kitchen in morning, but by afternoon hours cannot walk back to bedroom even if barely walking in apartment and husband must carry me). I have become housebound.  :-\

1.would swimming/ walking in water be advisable at this point or should I just rest? (husband can drive me to pool)

2. If both of my knees hurt, would I benefit from crutches, a walker, or knee braces? Would any of these things make me dependent, and how do I avoid dependency?  I was only working 2 days a week but need something that could help me get through those days so I can keep working. *I cannot use a wheelchair because sitting for longer than 20 minutes is too painful for back).

I understand that the stronger I get the better and that I need to do my exercises...just right now it seems I can't do anything and I feel stuck!  :'(

Please please help! And thank you thank you for all your advice.

Lots of light and love to you

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Re: Can't Walk Patellofemoral pain syndrome
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 05:46:15 PM »
I am very sorry about your knee and the associated challenges.

I am a firm believer that movement and exercise are key to strengthening the knee and will ultimately help with the pain.  Sometimes this relief takes quite a while though.  I have had high ankle sprains, patellor femoral pain syndrome, weak hips and three surgeries on my knee.  The biggest thing that my PT works with me on are strengthening my hips.  It takes awhile and can be painful but the long term results are worth it.

Here are my thoughts / questions:

1)  Are you still going to PT?  If not, please go back.  If you and your PT don't see eye-to-eye find one that can work with you on your challenges.
2)  If you cannot see a PT for whatever reason, I suggest doing some research online for specific PT exercises to fit your ailments.  Work them slowly but be persistent about them.  They will help but it may takes weeks / months.
3)  I do tape for my patellor femoral pain syndrome.  Sometimes it helps other times it does not seem to.  I would try this using the You Tube videos that you mentioned.  Your PT can also teach you how to tape.  Taping is a great way to reduce (not elimiante) the pain while you work on the exercises.  Also, stretch!  You can find stretches for patellor femoral pain syndrome on the web as well.  I stretch multiple times a day, especially in the morning and evening.
4)  I am not in the medical field, but swimming seems to be a great strengthing tool for our challenging knee.  Work with a kick board and the flutter kick.  You may only be able to do one lap or two the first time out but keep working on it.  Strenghtening will come.
5)  I would avoid crutches, walker as long as you can.  Work on the strengthening for a few months to see how this helps.  You need assistance at home, especially in the evening, then you could have a set at home.

One other thing to consider, is a brace for patellor femoral pain syndrome.  The brace section of this site will have some suggestions for you.

Best of luck!  Hang in there.

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Thank you, Maverick