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Author Topic: Tibial nail removal having knee and new to the board  (Read 687 times)

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Hey there, i'm new to the board, hope everyone is well as can be......

I had an accident on the 18th june 2011 that ended up with my tibia broke in 3 places and fibula broke in 1 place i had a rod and screws inserted, anyway after over 16 weeks nwb i gradually got back on my feet, i started having knee problems with grinding very noisy sounds coming from my knee and sharp pains that would end up with my leg giving way at no notice, so 3 surgerys later the last to have all my metal removed on 3rd july 2012, my knee is still not good and is as noisy as ever, only now my knee will not hold me at all. i am back on crutches and started physio this week, ive been concerned as i have to lock my leg when i walk now so it doesnt give way, and at any attempt to walk with it unlocked results in me nearly on the floor, the physio said it should be able to hold me and is concerned about it, i go to see my consultant in 2 weeks, so will see if this is going to improve or not, after nearly 14 months of this i'm losing the will now so any advice is greatly appreciated, has anyone had the nail removed and can give me some advice as to whether they had the same problem?