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Author Topic: New here, Looking for answers on torn meniscus.  (Read 3452 times)

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Re: New here, Looking for answers on torn meniscus.
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2012, 03:58:15 AM »
oh my gosh I feel you. did you ever take any time off to rest the meniscus last year when the injury happened initially?

when I overused and tore my my posterior horn MM 5 months ago, i was in bad pain for a month while I stayed off of it. Now it still totally hurts, when I use it, and when I overuse it, and only sometimes is it horrible pain, i need to take 2 mg dilaudid once a week when its really bad. and ice is my best friend.

thing is with me, the first MRi showed a 'healing' meniscus tear with a blood supply, the next one 2 months later showed no problems. I have been getting growth hormone injections in there, had 3, now waiting for the healing. its been 4 weeks since the first injection, and so far nothing, but *hopefully* in a few more weeks it will help, but I havent been resting it and that seems to be making it worse.... I am in Canada too, havent even booked to see a surgeon yet as i'm hoping that won't be necessary. and not looking forward to the wait. in Ontario, you can find surgeons to do surgery within 5-7 months from initial meeting, also if you can prove that you NEED it for work, you can get it sooner.

My girlfriend is a dance teacher, and when she tore hers, she only waited 3 months, max.

and you can always go to america,
make sure you book appointments with more than 1 surgeon and do your research on them, as they are not all the same. and they will all have different scheduling times..

good luck

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Re: New here, Looking for answers on torn meniscus.
« Reply #16 on: August 08, 2012, 03:40:49 AM »
 Alberta heath care sucks, My last visit, after one year of waiting to see a op resualted in SFA, I was asked to due crunchs, leg scratchs and told that the mensicus tears in my left knee were not worth the surgery and they were healing and I have ostro arthrities and take advil.

 My next course of action my be to tear out my knee joint with a random fall of a lader, THan I can get my knees looked after ( as a work injury)  as booth my knee joints are working,  but the pain is not easing up, active or in active the pain is off the charts now ...

 I have started strength training for my quads and by no means am I in active, I have dropped 20 lbs htrew diet ...