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Author Topic: Need Info- Daughter dislocated kneecap & is flying in two days.  (Read 2316 times)

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My 28 year old daughter is visiting from Oregon where her insurance is based. (We are in Florida).  She dislocated her kneecap a week ago and is scheduled to fly back from Florida in two days. I don't know if her knee is recovered enough for her to do this. Her insurance covers emergency room but not regular health care in Florida, so she has to get back to Oregon for an MRI and start physical therapy. But, is her knee strong enough for her to endure 8 hours of flights and airports? She has crutches and a brace, but has not put any weight on the leg with the sore knee. It is swollen still, but the ER said no other problems. They did an X-ray. She has two flights to get back to Oregon, one four hour and one two hour with a change of planes in Denver. My big question is could she be doing permanent damage to her knee by traveling so soon?  Of course, if she has other problems that the MRI will discover, is staying here untreated more of a risk?

I have no experience with dislocated kneecaps, so veyr much appreciate anyone's guidance or thoughts.

Dart Humeston

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Re: Need Info- Daughter dislocated kneecap & is flying in two days.
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2012, 11:25:46 PM »
Hi Dart,
I dislocated my knee cap in Thailand and flew back to Hong Kong, where I was living at the time, about a week after. I was in a full leg cast which they cut and then bandaged onto my leg so that I could adjust in case of swelling.
I then had an arthroscopy in Hong Kong and flew back to the UK 2-3 weeks after which was a 13 hour flight with  stop over in Dubai. I was fine, just made sure I did lots of ankle pumps and rotations.

What I would recommend is contacting the air line and explain the situation. The airlines I dealt with were really accommodating, I arrived early at the airport and they made sure I had bulkhead seats and providers wheelchair to take me to the gate.

I really can't remember if I needed something from the doctor saying I was fit to fly but that might be something to look into.

I hope I've been of some help and I'm really sorry your daughter has had to go through this painful experience.

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Re: Need Info- Daughter dislocated kneecap & is flying in two days.
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2012, 12:05:37 AM »
Thanks much, that is excellent information. I appreciate it.