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Author Topic: fractured my patella 21months ago and in so much pain  (Read 637 times)

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fractured my patella 21months ago and in so much pain
« on: August 06, 2012, 06:02:18 PM »
Hi all,i fractured my patella in 3 places vertically down nearly 21 months ago,i had an operation to clear up tears and other problems but didnt need any pinning as the fractures were contained and didnt split right to the ends, ive always had a terrible burning pain below my knee cap and i was hoping the operation would sort it but if anything it feels worse.i have now developed grade 3 athritus and i cant even kick a tennis ball to the dog its sheer agony,i walk with a limp, ive tried building my quads up and i think i have a little but even simple leg raises are virtually 41 years old and my orphapedic doctor has told me theres nothing else we can do,i searched everywhere visited countless doctors askign for help each one tells me your too young for a new knee.i work as a welder so my job is virtually finished im struggling terribly at work having so much time of. now to make things even worse my good leg had now developed very and i mean very painful pains down the inside of my knee, i have now ahd this for a month and been visiting the doc for advice but was given pain convinced i have developed atrhitus due to leaning on the leg and not bending as much,
my question is has anybody gone thorugh what i am doing now and came out good on the other side? am i destined to have this pain till im about 60 when they said i can have a new knee?im to young to operate they pain is so bad its getting on top of me and i lay at work struggling thinking how much more can i really take. im not getting any answers just a closed door, sorry we cant do anymore.
any help be gratefully appreciated.