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Author Topic: Old knee injury flares up. Excluding surgery, what can I do?  (Read 2401 times)

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Dear Folks—

I had my medial meniscus removed 30 years ago, before arthroscopic surgery (huge scar). 20 years ago, I tore my ACL (stepped in a hole) in the same knee and it was surgically removed and not replaced. I have had flare-ups of pain from time to time. I step on the knee wrong, and something snaps out of place, and then it hurts and is unstable for a few days or weeks. Four years ago I was having a lot of trouble, instability, pain all the time. I bought a pair of Sole Softec Response Orthotics, and the problem cleared up.  For the last year two years I have been lifting weights and doing aerobics on the elliptical machine in an effort to lose weight and further stabilize my knee. I have lost 50 pounds, from 280 down to 230 (I am 6’4”, 56 years old) and want to lose about 35 more. On the leg press, I have worked my way up from my initial 180 pounds to my current 350. I also do calf stretches every day, as they seemed to help. 

But my knee has started to become unstable again, and in a new way. It has been popping out jut a little, every couple of days, sometimes several times in one day. I think it is hyperextending slightly.  Unlike the way it used to pop out, which was more severely painful and always seemed to involve a twisting motion with my weight on my toes, this happens when I am just walking, with no unusual motion.  When it happens, it seems to make my knee less stable, so that it often happens again if I keep walking.

I am pretty worried about this. It seems like something that could just get bad and just stay bad, and leave me crippled. So I am trying to figure out what, if anything, I can do about it. I’m already walking less, and, except for my trips to the gym, walking is pretty much all the exercise I get.  I am currently unemployed and uninsured, so surgery is not an option.

Here are some specific questions:
  • Should I stop, or moderate, my weight lifting?
  • Are there other exercises or stretches I should be doing to stabilize my knee?
  • Do I need different orthotics or foot support?
  • Would a brace help, and if so, what kind?

I would welcome any and all thoughts or advice anyone could offer.

Help! please.

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Re: Old knee injury flares up. Excluding surgery, what can I do?
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2012, 12:11:08 AM »
Hi Andrew,

Congrats on losing the weight.  That is so terrific for your knee and for your general health.  Were I you I would dial back on the leg presses, give yourself a week off and then lower the weight and and see how that goes. You can always up the reps to make up the difference.   I am amazed at your good fortune to be missing your medial meniscus and ACL and be doing so well 30 years later.  If you can possibly manage it, I would get in to have the knee looked at and hopefully get a brace to help with stability for the time being until you have insurance again.

Good luck :)

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