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Author Topic: Intermittent pain issues in RK- Mixed signals!  (Read 628 times)

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Intermittent pain issues in RK- Mixed signals!
« on: July 22, 2012, 01:39:09 AM »
Ok-a little background info:

Very first knee injury- dislocated kneecap- 5/4/94. It popped back, I hobbled around for a few days but pretty much back to normal except that I adopted a rain gauge so to speak; have a spot that bothers me when there is rain in the area.

Fast forward to 12/31/01 another kneecap dislocation, this time from slipping on ice. A couple of months later the poor knee was hit (accidentally) from the outside.

These were all on the right knee.

8/2007- dislocated kneecap due to slipping on wet tile. This time my kneecap did not pop back into proper place so I was unable to straighten my leg at all or fix it myself. (fortunately my now DH was home and able to move it back into place) went to the doc and X-ray revealed a loose body so I got to get an MRI (yyippy skippy!) MRI revealed that the loose body had broken off of my kneecap and was a pretty good size. The report also revealed some meniscal degeneration, swelling but no meniscal tear. Had surgery at end of Oct to remove the loose body; the surgeon also did some work to fix a defect in my kneecap.

Now, after I had DD1 it was all ok. However, after DD2, I noticed that squats hurt more and stairs bother it. Over what seems to be the last few months it has gotten a bit worse; I have noticed more aches and pains.  :-\ I have noticed pain that feels like it is coming from the edge of my femur (?!?!) and more pain on the lateral side of my kneecap (while driving-switching pedals or trying to slide my foot up the pedal to keep it from slipping off :p!). These newer symptoms seem to surface randomly. :x

I do have an issue of discomfort that seems to surface every now and then after working in the kitchen; I get a sharp pain inside the joint and it feels like it is going to give out on me. Seems to correlate with the way I'm moving around in there-just wish I could figure it out! Lol (think I have it pinned down to only happen when I am stepping around in a small circle- don't know how else to describe my movement, but it seems to happen randomly when I have been working in the kitchen and it startles the heck out of me when it does happen!)

I have been ok with waiting it out since these issues only seem to surface, for the most part, when the weather is iffy but I've also read stuff that states not to ignore knee pain. :/ do I'm a bit torn- continue just keeping an eye on it and go in if it continues to progress or just go and have it looked at to play it safe? It (the pain) seems more random on and off- I'll have a day here and there where it hurts like crazy, few more days where it hurts only a little and then a day or two when it pretty much behaves.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading my craziness and if you have any feedback to offer, TIA! Sorry for the novella! I am seriously leaning toward going to see a doc to check on it and play it safe, but I am not sure I know what to ask.  ???

~Kimberly :)
5/95- first injury rk- dislocated kneecap
12/2001- second injury rk- dislocated kneecap
3/2002- third injury rk- lateral hit
8/2007- fourth injury- slipped and dislocated kneecap
10/2007- rk scope