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Author Topic: Advice and a bit of support please! No bend in knee!  (Read 774 times)

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Advice and a bit of support please! No bend in knee!
« on: July 21, 2012, 07:08:46 PM »
Just joined in the hope that someone out there has been in the same boat I am currently trying to keep afloat!
On 17th May this year a crazy black Lab ran flat out into the back of my leg while out walking on the beach. Dislocated my right kneecap and chipped a piece off the side of it. Went to local hospital here in Normandy France, they put me in plaster which fell to bits 2 days later, then they gave me a leg brace and told me not to take it off! it was almost 4 weeks before I had an appointment with orthopedic surgeon. I had an x-ray which he looked at and requested scans, these were done almost a week later. He then decided I must see a specialist in a large hospital 2 hours away. I rang and they gave me an appointment for 15 days time. At this point I 'lost the plot' It seemed I was never going to get anything sorted or really understand what was going on, my French is reasonable but not up to complex medical stuff! I choose to go back to the UK to see a OS privately, I couldn't really afford it but was getting pretty desperate for answers.
In UK had an arthroscopy, washed out and removed several fragments of bone, discovered I have arthritis in the patella. He thought with luck it should settle, but that I really needed to get it moving pretty fast or I would have real problems.
Now back home, have had 3 sessions with physio but he is doing no more than I am at home, with very poor results. I can mange about 30 degs but only if I bend it over rolled up towels, I have to use a strap to slowly lower it down. if I try more towels it is very stiff and and just wont go. No leg lift poss either. No bend under it's own steam. Really frightened now it will never improve. Any advice would be very welcome.
Thanks for 'listening' :(

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Re: Advice and a bit of support please! No bend in knee!
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2012, 12:27:54 AM »
Hey Rachel,

What a nightmare!  And I understand how scary this still is, but you can get it back.  You will need to help your leg along until you get back enough quad strength to get things moving.  After my last PKR I couldn't get my quad to wake up right away and for the first week or two I used a towel under my foot to manually pull up my leg far enough for my quad to kick in.  From there I could do straight leg raises.  Now picture this, use a towel to pull your leg up, then bring it in to your body aiming for knee to chest.  Your hip will be doing all the stretching really, and when your knee is to your chest (supported by your hands or your other leg) gravity will relax your knee into a gentle bend.  This is really a very passive stretch and works really well.  You can also do this on the couch as you are seated with your legs propped up and just manually pull your knee to chest, then gently pull your knee in closer to a bend.  At first I felt silly with my leg straight up in the air and hardly bending the knee at all, but it really progressed fast and I got back full flexion.  Hope it helps for you.

Good luck and good healing :)

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Re: Advice and a bit of support please! No bend in knee!
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2012, 07:50:40 AM »
Hi Linda,

Thanks for the support and useful advice - will do my best and have a go!

Rachel :)