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Author Topic: ??? Pes Anserinis from Osteochondral Defect or Microfracture ???  (Read 723 times)

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Hi All,
What are the various tests to definitively diagnose the actual cause(s) of my particular Pes Anserinis (tendonitis / bursitis)?

It's been 6-weeks since my left total hip replacement and the rehab has exacerbated a 2-year old pain problem with my right knee 2-3 inches below the inner joint. The November 2010 1st horn medial menisectomy and medial femoral condyle microfracture chondroplasty DID NOT fix my problem.

Some possible Pes Anserinis causes are friction & stress on the tendons and bursa, tight hamstring muscles, obesity, an out-turning of the knee or lower leg, osteoarthrits and medial meniscus tear.

*** Do the Pes Anserine muscles and tendons on the inner knee come in contact with the medial femoral condyle where I had / have the osteochondral defect? Same question with any microfracture scar tissue? Both would put friction & stress on the Pes Anserine tendons causing my tendonitis and bursitis. ***

By the way, both post Arthroscopy MRIs still report a medial meniscus tear and loss of medial articular cartilage. As soon as my hip replacement heals, I'm having the surgeon do every test possible, even an exploratory arthroscopy to avoid a TKR.

Any suggestions?