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Author Topic: medial patellofemoral ligament, fibula fracture, etc  (Read 658 times)

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medial patellofemoral ligament, fibula fracture, etc
« on: July 18, 2012, 01:44:16 AM »
While Jet Skiing (7 weeks ago) I got a broadside hit by another Jet Ski (it hit the outside of my right leg and jammed the inside into my jet ski); x-rays showed a proximal fibula fracture & I was put in a locking brace with rest, ice, & elevation for 6 weeks; but my knee is still swollen & warm; just had a MRI & the printout indicates "moderate grade sprain of the medial patellofemoral retinaculum & edema within the infra-medial patella; low-grade partial tear of the posterior aspect of the vastus medialis; articular cartilage demonstrates partial-thickness defect of the weightbearing portion of the lateral tibial plateau; there is a comminuted fracture of the proximal fibula involving the attachments to the biceps femoris and the fibular collateral ligament with surrounding muscle edema" - in layman's terms what does that mean and what's the best course of action - physical therapy? what type of exercises?  Can't bend my knee past 45 degrees & doc put in PT indicating "5 degree flexion contracture, please perform modalities to improve pain free ROM" but from the MRI printout it seems like I have many more issues than that.  All the doc told me was that (besides the fibula fracture) I have a femur bruise, frayed medial patellofemoral ligament, & about 100 cc's of jello-like blood in the knee cavity.  Thanks for any comments/insight you can give me.