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Author Topic: New information - questions for OS on next visit  (Read 600 times)

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New information - questions for OS on next visit
« on: July 17, 2012, 03:57:57 PM »
A little background first:  I had a left lateral meniscus tear and left lateral femoral condyle microfracture in September of 2011.  Since then the rehab has been painful and a challenge to say the least.  Between September and now I have been visiting the OS periodically for the pain and follow-up.  I have been in PT from 8 weeks non-weight earing through June of 2012.  I wear an unloading brace and do my PT exercises and gym workouts 3-4 times a week.

I last saw the OS in June because I am not happy with my progress and especially the pain.  I still have some atrophy so he said to continue my strengthening program and see him again in September which will be a year.  He has x-rays scheduled for my visit.

I requested a copy of my records because I feel that I am missing something in my rehab (also just a good idea to have them).  In reading through them I noted a few interesting notes:

- MRI 1/24/2012:  Mild degenerative bone marrow edema subjacent to the are of abnormal cartilage within the lateral femoral condyle.  Area of moderate chondral thinning along the lateral femoral condyle with early degenerative signal changes in the subchondral bone most likely represents the area of prior microfracture.  Possible early degenerative subchondral cyst along the lateral femoral condyle.
- X-ray 1/24/2012:  Lateral joint space narrowing, lucency LFC
- Bone Scan 1/24/2012:  Mild lateral uptake
- Notes from 2007 lateral release of the patella, "grade 1 lateral chondromalacia of the lateral facet of the patella

I think that I get the jist of the above, mild onset of osteoarthriits. 

I am going back the the OS in September where we will have new X-rays.  Assuming that I have mild osteoarthriits, what questions should I ask of the OS for next steps?  Injections, PKR/TNR, pain management, etc???

The pain is my biggest challenge now.  I have a TENS that I use regularly along with Advil, Tylenol and Vicodin (usually at night).

Thank you!
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Thank you, Maverick